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ZIL-5301 \

The serial production of this 3-ton truck, for the specific appearance of the popularly known as "Bychkom", began at the Likhachev Moscow Automobile Plant since 1994. The semi-coining layout model became the basis of the fifth generation family of delivery trucks of the middle class with a full weight of up to 7 tons, designed for preferential use in cities for delivery of small consignments.

For a number of components (transmission, 3-seater cabin, power steering) model is unified with the truck ZIL-4331.

This family is based on several chassis of the same type with a short, extended or double 7-seater cab and a wheelbase of 3,650 and 4,250 mm. They offered the appropriate on-board options: ZIL-5301AO, ZIL-5301ЯО and ZIL-530110 with a loading capacity of 3.0, 2.9 and 2.7 tons, respectively, as well as several types of universal, isothermal and refrigerated wagons, 3-ton dump truck ZIL- SAZ-1503, and since 1998 - all-metal van ZIL-5301SS with sliding doors.

In 1999, a compact van ZIL-5301NS with a capacity of 10.5 m3 appeared on a chassis with a wheelbase of 3245 mm. There are also a three-axle version of the ZIL-5302 with a 6x2 wheel layout and all-wheel drive ZIL-5301FA (4x4).

The presence of a spar frame and a separate cabin provide very great opportunities for using the chassis for mounting special equipment and various bodies. Among them are various dump trucks, tanks, evacuation vehicles, fire trucks, buses for 15-21 places. In appearance and power unit, the closest relative of "bulls" is an all-wheel drive car ZIL-4327 (4x4) with a lifting capacity of 2.3 tons, unified on the chassis with the series "131".

The mass of the transported cargo is 3000 kg with the permissible gross vehicle weight of 6950 kg. The maximum permissible load on the front wheels is 2350 kg, on the rear wheels - 4900 kg.

Dimensions of ZIL-5301 6165/2210/2365 mm with a wheelbase of 3650 mm. The internal dimensions of the cargo platform are 3750/2215/490 mm. Dimensions of a standard van: 4100/2300/2200 mm. Loading height 1050 mm.

Zil goby Money thrown to the wind

Machines are equipped with cabins of three types: triple, double with two berths, seven-seater two-row.

The ZIL-5301 is equipped with an automotive modification of the tractor in-line 4-cylinder diesel engine D-245 with a volume of 4.75 liters (109-130 hp) of the Minsk Motor Plant (MMP). The motor can be of various versions, including EURO-2. With a relatively high own weight of about 4 tons, the ZIL-5301 develops a maximum speed of 90-95 km / h. Acceleration time to 60 km / h takes about 30 seconds. Control fuel consumption when driving at a speed of 60 km / h is 12 liters per 100 km.

The engine is aggregated with a 5-speed synchronized gearbox from the ZIL-130.

Suspension on the car spring. The Bullhead is equipped with clutch and brake hydraulics, front disc brakes, 16-inch wheels with tubeless tires with dimensions of 225/75 R16. The truck has a small turning radius of 7 m.

Of the additional equipment should be noted pre-heater, seat belts, insulating boot.

Cars ZIL-5301, which turned out to be simpler and cheaper than foreign analogues, fully satisfy the needs of Russian buyers. So, in 1999, 13745 "bulls" were manufactured, which accounted for 63.4% of the total production of the plant. Low loading height, comfortable cabin, good maneuverability, a wide range of modifications make the car indispensable in the field of small business.

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