Zil 4741

The manufactured goods van ZIL-4741 has been produced at the Likhachev Plant since 1999. This model is designed for the transport of small and medium-sized general cargo.

The car is quite attractive in appearance, although this concept is purely individual. In any case, this is a step forward compared with the 130th model. For the characteristic exterior of the car got the nickname "Goby".

In the car used chassis model ZIL-5301BO. The body is galvanized, the inner coating can be polymeric, painted, clad and laminated. Its overall dimensions are 4000/2300/2200 mm, and its volume is 16 cubic meters. There are versions with an isothermal body: with a layer of polystyrene 40-100 mm, or with polyurethane foam 40 mm sandwich panels.

The car can carry up to 3,750 kg of cargo at a time with its own curb weight of 3005 kg. Permissible gross weight is 6950 kg. The distribution of the load on the road: the front wheels - 18700 N (1870 kgf), the rear axle - 11350 N (1135 kgf). At the same time, the permissible road load of the front wheels reaches 23,500 N (2,350 kgf), and the rear axle - 49,000 N (4,900 kgf).

Cabin two-door triple. The interior is simple and functional, practically does not differ from the internal equipment of the cabin model ZIL-5301.

A D-245.9 E2 tractor diesel engine with a volume of 4.75 liters, widely known for its ZIL-5301 models and reputed to be tough and unpretentious, is installed on the vehicle. Engine power reaches 108.8 hp at 2400 rpm The maximum speed of the ZIL-4741 with this engine is 95 km / h.

The engine is aggregated by a 5-speed manual gearbox from ZIL-130. This transmission is able to serve for a long time in compliance with the rules of its operation.

The car is equipped with a single clutch. Rear-wheel drive; drive axle single-stage hypoid, not tolerating overload. Suspension in general does not cause complaints, however, there may be some problems with the calipers due to wedging.

The cardan transmission consists of two shafts with three hinges, a sliding spline joint and an intermediate support.

The steering mechanism with integrated hydraulic booster allows you to confidently maneuver the car in tight urban environments. The minimum turning radius is 7.0 m.

The brakes of the “Bull” are quite effective, there are disc brakes at the front, and drum brakes at the back.

On the ZIL-4741 install disc wheels of 6.5Jx16H2. The standard size of tubeless tires is 225 / 75R16C.

The vehicle’s electrical equipment is a single-wire system with a nominal voltage of 12 V; in the engine start mode, the voltage rises to 24 V.

At a cost of up to half a million rubles, this urban truck is quite simple structurally, convenient and maintainable.

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