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The simple and economical low-tonnage trucks HD65 and HD72 with a payload of 2.5 and 3.5 tons and a total weight of 6.5 and 7.2 tons, respectively, belong to a new generation of compact utility vehicles that have replaced the well-known H250 / H350 on-board vehicle family.

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The program includes numerous unified options with 5 wheelbase sizes (2550-3735 mm), side-mounted all-metal platforms 3400-4350 mm long with a loading height of 900-1115 mm, several types of cabs in two widths (1760 and 2000 mm) and three variants lengths - short 3-seater, 300 mm long and double. 

Cars HD65 and HD72 offer a high level of comfort and safety, as well as unpretentious operation. Created in Korea on the basis of Japanese developments, Hyundai HD65 / 72 incorporates the best qualities of Japanese and Korean trucks. Many shipping companies give preference to these trucks. Elegant appearance is made in European style. The impressive windshield and large side mirrors provide excellent visibility for confident and safe driving. It is noteworthy that the windshield washer is built into the wiper. This improves water splashing and increases the cleaning area of ​​the glass. The front end is crowned with a massive front bumper and chrome grille. Dual front headlamps and built-in fog enhance safety when driving in poor visibility conditions. The aluminum footboard has a grooved surface that prevents slipping, especially in wet weather.

The standard cabin is quite spacious. The salon has all the amenities of a passenger car: ergonomic dashboard, comfortable seating. There is enough space behind the seat to place tools and other necessary things. Every detail has been carefully designed for maximum convenience. Salon will be as warm or cool as you wish. All this thanks to numerous fans and a powerful air supply. Air conditioning is optional.

The HD65 series is equipped with three types of 4-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 3.3, 3.6 and 3.9 liters with a capacity of 100, 115 and 120 hp. respectively. In addition to them, the HD72 truck uses two variants of a 3.9-liter turbo-supercharged engine of 130 and 155 hp. In Russia, cars are offered with 115 and 130 hp diesel engines. and a cold start system. Machines installed mechanical 5-speed gearbox. Trucks reach speeds in the range of 105-130 km / h. One of the main competitive advantages of the Hyundai HD65 / 72 is low fuel consumption.

Cab equipment includes seats with seat belts, adjustable steering column, power windows, heated rear-view mirrors, instrument panel with wood veneer, removable table in a central location, power steering, power windows, central locking and a radio tape recorder.

Model Hyundai HD78 (carrying capacity of 4.6 tons) has replaced HD72 and is its development. It belongs to the class of delivery trucks, is able to perform almost all the tasks associated with daily long-distance freight traffic. A more powerful engine (130 hp.) Provides confident movement of the machine in difficult urban conditions and allows you to increase the capacity of the machine by 500 kg.

hyundai hd 78 Hyundai 78 !!! №22 A bit of history and why I quit !!

Hyundai HD78 complies with Euro-3 environmental standards and is adapted to Russian fuel. The car is actively used in trade, construction and agriculture. And everywhere he shows himself a loyal and reliable assistant. He is not afraid of heavy loads and bad roads, easy to maintain and economical. Exactly what is required from a car of this class.

Hyundai HD78 perfectly combines functionality with comfort. So, for example, the cabin is not only equipped with high-quality vibration and noise insulation, but is also mounted on a frame on rubber pads to ensure a level of vibrations no greater than in a passenger car. Even such a trifle as the parking brake lever is designed in such a way that during parking it can be removed for ease of rest. Installed in cars, modern air conditioning systems, ABS and auxiliary hydraulic devices contribute to the comfort and safety of driving.

The range of Hyundai trucks of the middle and heavy classes, the release of which was organized under the license of Mitsubishi for the local market, is now exported to various countries of the world, including Russia. It includes numerous two- and three-axle chassis and on-board options HD120, HD160, HD170, HD250, HD260 and HD270 with a total weight of 12.4-27.9 tons with different wheel formulas 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and several wheelbase options (3700- 7050 mm). The “light” HD120, HD160, HD170 series with a lifting capacity of 8-12 tons are equipped with in-line 6-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 7.5 or 11.1 liters, developing a power of 170-225 hp. Hyundai's approach to building trucks is based on three factors: high performance, reliability, and economy. The unique ability of Korean trucks to combine these qualities puts them at the highest level in this market segment.

On the HD250, HD260 and HD270 series with a lifting capacity of 15-17 tons, an 11-liter, 340-horsepower turbo-charged diesel engine that meets Euro-2 standards or a 16-liter naturally aspirated D8AY V8 engine with 320 hp is used. Cars are equipped with mechanical 5-and 6-speed gearboxes, braking system with ABS and ASR, spar frame with bolted connection of all elements, extended tilting cabs on air suspension with adjustable steering wheel and air conditioning as standard. On request, you can get power windows in the cab, heated rear-view mirrors and a tachograph.

Hyundai HD260 differs from HD250 only in the length of its wheelbase and frame. The HD 250 has a longer mounting platform and is more designed for the installation of vans (sides) and the transport of heavy loads on the middle and long arm. HD 260 with a shorter wheelbase is intended primarily for the installation of various special equipment. Both versions are equipped with a sleeper cab.

The heavy gamma of Hyundai trucks with a total weight of 34.2-43.0 tons includes on-board models HD310 and HD320, as well as construction chassis and dump trucks HD370 and HD380 with wheel formulas (6x4 or 8x4). They use the in-line 6-cylinder 11-liter turbo-diesel with a capacity of 340 hp, aspirated 18-liter V8 in 355 hp. or the most modern 16-liter V8 engine with turbocharging and intercooled cooling, developing a power of 410 hp, manual gearboxes with a number of steps from 5 to 16, a short day or extended sleeping cabin.

The range of mainline Hyundai includes standardized basic models HD390, HD450 and HD500 with 4x2 wheel formula and 17.1 tons gross weight, as well as HD540, HD700, HD900 and HD1000 models - 6x4 and 27.9 tons. The range of diesel engines used in heavy series, includes 6-cylinder inline displacement of 7.5, 11.1 and 12.9 liters, as well as V-shaped 8-cylinder displacement of 16.0 liters. Capacity ranges from 320 to 410 hp. The maximum speed is from 90 to 107 km / h. Cars are equipped with 10 - or 16-speed ZF boxes.

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