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The GAZ 53 is a series of trucks that were first introduced by the Russian (then Soviet) GAZ automobile company in 1959. Mass production of trucks began in October 1961. GAZ 53 for all the production time had a large number of modifications.

In 1961, the GAZ 53 was introduced as an onboard truck (GAZ 53F), which was equipped with a chassis and a 82 hp forced engine. GAZ-51 models. With such a power unit, the truck could reach speeds of up to 75 km / h. The rear axle was also borrowed from the GAZ-51, and the gearbox from the GAZ-63. Car load capacity ranged from 3 to 3.5 tons. As for the transmission, there was installed a 4-speed manual gearbox. Production of this version lasted until January 1967.

In 1964, the “base” model GAZ 53 was also introduced, which was equipped with a power unit ZMZ-53 V8, whose power was 115 hp. The maximum speed of this version was 85 km / h. But its release did not last long, or rather just one year.

In 1965, a modified version of the side truck (GAZ 53A) appeared with an increased carrying capacity of up to four tons. And in 1966, a modification of the GAZ 53A-016 appeared, which was an army modification of the GAZ-53A with an additional 105-liter fuel tank, a preheater and a set of additional equipment. Both versions (53A and 53A-016) were in the production program until 1983.

GAZ 53. Greetings from the past

Since 1983, production of the GAZ 53-12 version began, which was equipped with a ZMZ-511 gasoline engine with a capacity of 120 hp. The car's payload was increased to 4.5 tons, and the maximum speed increased to 90 km / h. Production of GAZ 53-12 continued until January 1993.

In 1984, the production of two more serial modifications started: GAZ 53-19 and GAZ 53-27, the power units of which used natural gas as fuel, only GAZ 53-19 worked on liquefied gas (engine power 105 hp), and GAZ 53-27 on compressed (engine power 100 hp). The maximum speed of the models was 80 km / h, and their production was completed in 1992.

There were also special modifications, such as, for example, the GAZ 53B-02 version with the chassis for the GAZ-SAZ dump truck (SAZ-3503). There were also export models intended for use in tropical (GAS 53-50) and moderate (GAZ-53-70) climates.

The production of the GAZ 53 series of cars was completed in 1992, and for the entire period of production, about four million trucks were assembled.

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