Gaz 3310 (valdai)

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The GAZ 3310 Valdai is a medium-tonnage truck, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company GAZ in December 2004. It replaced the previously produced model called GAZ 3307, designed for operation mainly in rural areas. Model 3310, unlike its predecessor, has a lower landing (loading height of the car in the laden condition is 985 mm). It is worth noting that in order to reduce the loading height, the traditional 20-inch wheels were replaced by the usual 17.5-inch ones for European delivery trucks. Body structure GAZ 3310 - frame. The frame itself is assembled from spars borrowed from the model 3307 with original crossbars and brackets. The wheelbase of the car is 3 310 mm, length - 6 090 mm, width - 2 230 mm, and height - 2 950 mm.

In addition to the basic on-board model, there are other modifications, for example, a version with an extended wheelbase of up to 4,000 mm, which provides for both on-board design and in the form of a chassis for the installation of vans or other equipment. "Valdai" with an extended base in the on-board version can have a double 6-seater cabin with a standard platform from the base model.

As standard, the GAZ 3310 truck is equipped with an MMZ D-245.7 engine with turbocharging and an intercooler with a capacity of 122 hp. (power unit complies with Euro 2 standards). As an option, the manufacturer offers to equip the car with a licensed diesel engine GAZ-562, and also in the list of proposed engines are a number of diesel engines of such brands as IVECO and CUMMINS: IVECO - FIAT - 8040.45, IVECO - SOFIM - 8140.43, IVECO - TECTOR (TCA) , CUMMINS B 3.9 140 CIV. As for the transmission, there is a 5-speed gearbox with synchronizers on all gears except the first.

Reducing the dimensions of the wheels allowed not only to reduce the loading height, but also to install new steering knuckles with an increased angle of rotation of the front wheels to 43 degrees, which, in turn, had a positive effect on the maneuverability of the car - the turning radius of the Valdai is only 6.4 meters (long basic version - 7.7 m). Front and rear suspension are based on low leaf springs. The pneumatic brake system GAZ 3310 has front and rear ventilated disc brakes, and the truck is equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system from the German company Knorr-Bremse and power steering.

The triple cab of the GAZ 3310 truck was borrowed from the Gazelle. The driver's seat is adjustable, which, together with an adjustable steering column, creates quite comfortable conditions for driving, both in the urban rhythm of movement and on the track. The dashboard of the truck was updated and supplemented with two electric pressure gauges for each brake system circuit. The instrument cluster is borrowed from the GAZ 3110 model, and the steering wheel is the same as the one installed in the GAZ Sable car.

It is also worth noting that within the framework of the VII International Specialized Exhibition Commercial Vehicles-2006, Comtrans magazine held the Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia competition, according to the results of which the GAZ-3310 Valdai won the Best Domestic Truck category. ".

The production of GAZ 3310 trucks continues at the present time, and by 2010 the manufacturer plans to release a new modification of this car.

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