Gaz 3308 (sadko)

GAZ 3308 Sadko. Is it worth replacing shishige.

The GAZ 3308 Sadko is an off-road truck, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant) in 1999. His closest relative is the “army” model called GAZ 66, to which he came, having inherited excellent performance indicators. The chassis of the truck remained the same, and the wheelbase of the car increased by 470 mm and amounted to 3,770 mm. The length of the car is 6,250 mm, width - 2,340 mm, and height - 2,520 mm. Clearance at the car only 315 mm.

For the GAZ 3308, there are two engine options: petrol carburetor V8 ZMZ-513.10 with a volume of 4.25 liters and 116 hp. and diesel power unit D-245.7 (produced by the Minsk Motor Plant) with a volume of 4.75 liters, whose power is 117 horsepower. As for the transmission, there is a 5-speed synchronized manual gearbox. With this equipment, the maximum speed of the truck is 90 km / h. It should be noted that Sadko is used both for transportation of various cargoes, weighing up to 1.8 tons and people, and as a tractor for towing army equipment.

One of the main structural elements of the suspension, which provide high permeability of the GAZ 3308 Sadko model, is the increased friction cam differentials in the bridges, which were also used in the GAZ 66. Also, the large mass of the vehicle allows the wheels to quickly reach the hard surface, thus not allowing , the truck get stuck. But in this there is also a minus when traveling on degraded areas, where the truck can easily get stuck on the bridges. Front and rear suspension dependent spring with hydraulic shock absorbers.

The technical equipment includes power steering. It is worth noting that in addition to the “commercial” version of GAZ 3308 there is also an “army” version. Its distinctive feature is the presence in the standard package of the tire pressure control system, as well as the pneumatic outlet for the braking system of the trailer and winch. The main braking system of the car includes front and rear drum brakes.

The interior of the double cabin GAZ 3308 is rather modest. Here there is a plastic dashboard, upholstered soft seats. Soundproofing cabin is insignificant, so the inside is very noisy. At the rear wall, between the seats, are located the control levers of the transfer case: one connects the front axle, the other includes a lower gear. Due to the large windshield, a good view from the cab is created, and when moving backwards, side panoramic mirrors help to control the situation, which are fixed on moving arcs (if necessary, they can be easily folded). Salon "Sadko" is also equipped with a good ventilation and heating system, which allows you to feel comfortable in the car in any weather.

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