Mercedes actros

Mercedes Actros (2019) High-Tech Truck

Mercedes-Benz Actros is a DaimlerChrysler truck family car.

Of great importance for the company is the release of the family of the Mercedes Actros. Its appearance in 1996 dealt a very sensitive blow to competitors. The powerful electronic system Telligent monitors the operation and condition of all relevant components, assemblies and mechanisms. The total mass of single two, three and four-axle vehicles ranges from 18 to 41 tons. The cabs are quite perfect. All of them are suspended on four pneumatic elements. The standard version S is 1700 mm long, with an internal height of 1560 mm supplemented with type M, which is 250 mm longer, or L with corresponding geometrical parameters equal to 2200 and 1920 mm. Surpasses all cabin Mega Space with a flat floor and a height of 1920 mm. In the engine compartment are mounted V-shaped 6- and 8-cylinder turbo diesel 500 series with a displacement of 12 and 16 liters, respectively. Power first varies from 313 to 428 hp, the second - from 476 to 571 hp Gear boxes are 16-speed with semi-automatic and fully automatic gear selection. Drive axles are hypoid or with planetary wheel reduction gears. The brakes on all wheels are ventilated discs, work in conjunction with ABS and PBS. Reinforced undercarriage have machines designed for operation in heavy road conditions. Suspension - spring pneumatic or combined. Multi-axle and all-wheel drive versions are supplied only with drum brakes.

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