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The model range of Volkswagen in 1975 is expanding, the conveyor was supplemented with a larger model LT with the ability to transport cargo weighing 1.75 tons.

In the categories of large cars, Volkswagen built in 1979 a truck with an admissible gross weight of up to 35 tons.

Since 1996, LT began to be released as a new model range. The second generation of these vans received the prize as "Best Commercial Truck 1996-1997."

LT 46 refers to vans that are most often used by firms for the transportation of personnel. Additional equipment in it a bit, but everything you need is present. Soft luxury seats, nice upholstery, functional dashboard. The devices are divided into three circles: a speedometer combined with a tachograph, a tachometer and two gauges showing the temperature of the coolant and the level of fuel in the tank. All other information is displayed through the warning lamps. On the center console there are only a few keys: the on / off switch for the windows and the controls for controlling the heating and ventilation system.

Steering - with hydraulic booster, gearbox - manual, five-speed. There is another very interesting nuance - the rear differential is partially blocked by electronics. This means that on the first snow the car will not be helplessly “dig in” on level ground only because the driving axle is not loaded enough.

The LT46 is driven by a 2.5 liter turbodiesel, which is offered in two power options: 95 and 109 hp. The cabin is designed for 17 seats, each of which has an adjustable backrest angle, and the last and next-to-last row seats are removable, you can dismantle them in just a couple of minutes, thus obtaining a giant baggage compartment. On the backs of each chair there is an ashtray and a mesh pocket for storing small items. And on some chairs there is even a folding table - an indispensable option on a long journey. The passage between the seats is wide enough to pass to the end of the cabin, without hurting the passengers. In a word, the arrangement of the seats can be called optimal. There are also individual ceiling lighting. The ceiling is high enough, so that when moving through the cabin passengers do not have to bend down. The driver's seat with air suspension and numerous adjustments. Loading capacity of this van is 2-2.5 tons.

The word LT 46 will delight you while driving with excellent visibility and fuel economy (10 liters of fuel per 100 km). High performance at minimum cost. So most accurately, you can characterize the advantages of LT cars.

The car of the latest generation of this model is characterized by modern design, new technical solutions, optimal comfort, increased safety - combined with excellent equipment for transportation of all types.

In the cabin LD everything is carefully thought out, starting with the convenience of landing and ending with the design of the seats. The driver's seat is made with four adjustments and is easily adjusted to fit. As an additional equipment, for example, a sprung seat for the driver, a double passenger seat, a seat heating system and armrests for single cab seats are installed. Diagonal-lap belts allow vertical adjustment with a variety of intermediate positions, ensuring precise adjustment of the strap to the driver's height. The dashboard is solved in a free manner. All controls are located at hand. For the convenience of the driver and passenger, such trifles as coasters are provided in the hinged lid of a glove box.

The durability of the truck is largely determined by the chassis. The front axle LT is made with independent wheel suspension, and the rear axle with a high-loaded continuous beam.

The buyer is given the opportunity to choose one of eight gear ratios of the driving axle. Depending on the purpose of the car put the main gear, the most suitable for urban, suburban, mountain roads or highways.

Four diesel engines are installed on LT cars, allowing the buyer to independently determine the need for power and fuel consumption. Three 2.5TDI engines (83, 95 and 109 hp), as well as 2.8TDI (158 hp) are economical and reliable. Power systems equipped with additional heating are not very sensitive to low temperatures, and the winter cooling system with antifreeze –35С and a reinforced 450A / 95 Ah battery and all this as standard equipment will be excellent helpers for starting in cold weather. The fuel tank capacity is 76 liters.

All LT cars are given a 2-year factory warranty. At the same time, the 12-year warranty against penetrating corrosion of the body, peculiar to Volkswagen cars, remains.

In the time-tested LT models, Volkswagen uses proven and reliable security systems to guarantee the safety of the cargo and the health of the people carrying it. All wheels are equipped with disc brakes that work effectively even under full load and repeated strong braking. Optionally, you can optionally install the ABS system. In a frontal collision, the body absorbs most of the energy, while the damage inside the cab remains insignificant. Three-point seat belts in all seats and safety-less cab trim materials are also safety components.

The type of Volkswagen LT car depends on its gross weight: LT 28 (gross weight 2800 kg), LT 35 (gross weight 3500 kg) and LT 46 (gross weight 4600 kg). Accordingly, the load capacity varies. The car is available with three wheelbases (3000, 3550 and 4025 mm), as well as with two types of roof: normal (for base 3000 and 3550 mm) and high (for base 3550 and 4025 mm)

The LT model has several modifications. And accordingly the characteristic features in each of them. For example, the modification of the "van" has a lower floor and increased dimensions of the doorway. The width of the opening (with the rear hinged doors open) is 1560, and the height is -1540 (for the high van -1775) mm. Rear hinged doors are fixed in the opening position at 90 °, but can be opened at 180, and in the customized version - at all 270 °. For loading and unloading on any side, you can also install the left sliding door. The sides of the body are almost vertical. This allows you to rationally arrange the load, hang racks or tool cabinets. Cargo capacity of the body varies from 7.0 to 13.4 m3.

Modification "wagon" is the optimal vehicle for both passenger and freight traffic. The car holds either up to 9 people or up to 13.4 m3 of cargo. The wagon can be made with a standard or high roof, and in the first case - with a short or normal, and in the second - with a conventional or elongated base. The station wagon LT for transport and expeditionary purposes is produced in three base variants (3000, 3550 and 4025 mm), with a regular and high roof. For fastening of the cargo there are rigging loops included in the standard equipment of this modification.

LT is advantageous to operate with a trailer. For example, when equipped with an economical diesel with turbocharging and direct injection (TDI), the total mass of a train can reach 5,500 kg.

Among other things, Volkswagen LT is suitable for conversion to any type of special transport: armored cars, ambulances, cold rooms, car towing trucks and more.

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