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2018 Volkswagen Caravelle WE Special First Impression Lookaround Review

One of the most popular minivans in Europe today appeared in 1990. He received the unusual and beautiful name Caravelle.

The first generation Caravelle was a rear-wheel drive minivans of old-fashioned design with a rear engine.

In 1997, the model is undergoing changes. Slightly transformed the front of the car (put a new bumper, there were slightly oblique headlights with white turn signal optics). But what was especially important was the increased hood, now it was possible to place any of the Volkswagen engines under it, for example, a 140-hp sports V-type six-cylinder engine. In addition, the car is equipped with a choice of in-line four-and five-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The maximum speed with a V6 engine is 199 km / h, and with a turbo-diesel with a capacity of 102 hp. - 157 km / h. There is a new comfortable front suspension, disc brakes on all wheels, ABS and airbags. The basic package also included electric front windows and mirrors, heated seats, rear window cleaner and heated glass, an autonomous heater with a timer and a radio tape recorder. It is worth noting the high level of trim and interior trim. The transformation of the seats is very easy and convenient, at the request of the car owner, they can turn into a magnificent table or just a flat surface.

The problem of cabin ventilation was resolved by installing a heat exchanger with a control unit and an advanced duct system. From now on, passengers can independently choose the temperature and intensity of the cabin blowing. The undeniable advantage of VW Caravelle is its ability to tow a two-ton trailer and excellent noise isolation.

In 2002, Volkswagen introduced a new generation of Caravelle. It has many similarities with the Multivan. For example, exactly the same headlights and body-colored bumper. Now the Caravelle can install an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system 4Motion. Optionally, you can equip the salon 2-zone automatic air conditioning "Climatronic".

The new Caravelle is available in short and long base. In the latter version, the car can accommodate up to 9 people. The cabin equipment has become more diverse, the beautiful panel design and the many possibilities for accommodating personal items create a feeling of comfort.

The range of engines today includes: diesel 2.0 l / 115 hp TDI, 3.2 l / 235 hp V6; petrol 1.9 l / 86 hp; 1.9 l / 105 hp; 2.5 liters / 130 hp; 2.5 l / 174 hp

The safety of passengers will be taken care of: independent suspension of the front and rear wheels ensures reliable grip on the road; front and rear disc brake system with special brake force regulator; a three-hinged steering column in an accident prevents the steering wheel from shifting towards the driver; seat belt buckles fixed directly on the seat backs ensure optimum fit of the straps for any driver and front passenger build-up and for any seat installation; all glass glued into the openings of the body, it increases its strength; ABS; airbags for the driver and front passenger.

Also in 2002, the Caravelle Business model was introduced. As conceived by the creators, it is intended for business people. The model is equipped with modern electronic communication systems: it is possible to install a mobile phone with two handsets, a fax, a VCR, a TV, etc.

Additionally, if the customer wishes, the instrument panel and table can be separated by skin. Among the additional equipment there is almost everything that can be needed on the road, from the compact dustbin to the refrigerator.

From the driving force there are two engines to choose from: a 6-cylinder turbodiesel with a volume of 2.5 liters and a power of 150 hp. and gasoline 204 hp

An updated version of Caravelle will be released soon. In the basic equipment of the car received dual headlights and three-zone climate control. Among the new versions, it is worth noting the option of a roof raised 1.94 meters from the floor, which allows high-rise passengers to walk inside the bus without bending. The new Caravella are completed with four TDI turbodiesels with a power of 85-174 hp. and two petrol engines of 115 and 235 hp. Prices for new Volkswagen have not yet been established, but the automaker promises to determine them in the near future.

Spaciousness, comfort and unique transformation possibilities - these advantages are equally characteristic of all "Caravelle" models. The designers took care of everything that should make not only the movement pleasant, but also the very stay in the car. For these undeniable advantages model Caravelle is in demand from buyers.

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