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In 2008, AvtoVAZ acquired from Renault the right to assemble and distribute cars built on the R90, F90 and B0 platforms under the Lada brand, as well as a license to manufacture Renault engines (1.4 and 1.6 liters). This is how Lada Largus appeared - a joint project of the Togliatti plant and the French corporation Renault-Nissan. The model completely copies the Renault Logan MCV of the 2006 model, with the exception of a slightly modified lining of the false radiator grille and the LADA logo.

VAZ Largus 2012

Impressive overall dimensions allow Largus to claim the title of the largest car among the representatives of the B-class. Length - 4473 mm, width - 1740 mm, height - 1640 mm (with railings 1674 mm), base - 2905 mm, ground clearance - 160 mm, There are three versions of the car: 5-seater, 7-seater and cargo van. Capacity - the key advantage of this car. In the seven-seater version of the luggage compartment is modest - only 198 liters. But the five-seat version already has 700 liters of usable volume, and adding the second row we get 2350 liters. The cargo variant is a 2-seater van with a cargo compartment volume of 2,540 liters and a load capacity of 797 kg. The spare wheel is located under the bottom of the car.

On the exterior of the Lada Largus, you can say this - utilitarian, simple, no frills. Smooth lines, rectangular shapes, short overhangs, wide molding on the sides. The sides of the body are straight, with a large glass area. Original rear doors swing. They are of different sizes with convenient locks of the opening position (three steps), from half open to "perpendicular to the car."

The cabin has a comfortable driver's seat with an elevator and lumbar support adjustment (in the maximum configuration), a steering column with a vertical adjustment. The review is good in all directions. The dashboard is easy to read. Compared to the Logan MCV, the center console of the instrument panel has changed, a new visor over the instrument cluster has been applied. Horn button located at the end of the steering column switch. The second row pleases with an impressive reserve of space. There is enough space both in width and in height, and for legs. Transformations cabin weight, the seats can be folded, removed from the cabin.

VAZ Largus 2012

Under the hood, a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which is offered in two versions: 8-cl - 90 hp and 16-cl - 105 hp The power unit is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. With the most modest motor car accelerates to 100 km / h in 13.4 seconds. All engines comply with the environmental requirements of Euro 4.

Chassis inherited from the Renault-Dacia Logan MCV. Front suspension pseudo-McPherson (wishbones, anti-roll bar), rear H-shaped beam (suspension on trailing arms connected by a beam fixed to the body). But in comparison with the “donor” on Largus, front suspension arms became more powerful, anti-noise mastic coating area increased, anti-gravel overlays appeared in the arches. Suspension energy-intensive, on roads with poor coverage demonstrates excellent work. However, you should remember about the large wheelbase (2905 mm) and an impressive turning radius (11.5 meters). The front brakes are ventilated discs, rear brakes with a drum mechanism (installation of ABC is possible for extra charge).

In addition to ABS, the list of options includes: air conditioning, power steering, driver’s seat adjustment (height and seat), front power windows, reading MP3 files and CD format radio.

Safety of passengers is designed to provide three-point seat belts, front and side airbags, the Isofix system for attaching a child seat. The body structure meets the current European requirements for passive safety. One of the important elements of passive safety is the front subframe. It acts as an additional spar that absorbs and redistributes the impact energy.

In Europe, this car is produced under the Renault brand and is called the Logan RF90. By the way, Largus in Latin means “generous”.

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