Uaz 3303

UAZ 3303 Review after a year of operation

The UAZ 3303 is an off-road truck, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company UAZ in 1966. This small truck is designed to transport goods (load capacity 1000 kg - 2 people plus 850 kg), both on different types of roads and off-road. The design of the car includes a two-door all-metal double-gated cab and a loading platform with three flaps, which, depending on the modification, can be either wooden or metal, and also equipped with a removable awning with a frame and two double seats installed along the front side The wheelbase of the truck is 2300 mm, length - 4460 mm, width - 1940 mm, and height - 2460 mm.

A 4-cylinder 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 92 hp is installed under the hood of the UAZ 3303. Such a power unit is provided by two engine factories, namely: Zavolzhsky (ZMZ-402) and Ulyanovsky (UMP-4178). As for the transmission, there is a 4-speed manual gearbox with synchronizers and a two-way, 2-speed transfer case. The maximum speed is 110 km / h. The dual circuit braking system includes drum front and rear brakes with a vacuum booster. The UAZ 3303 truck has front and rear suspension springs. Also, it is possible to install an additional fuel tank and a starting preheater on the vehicle, ensuring reliable engine start in winter conditions. Equipping the steering amplifier with this model is not provided by the manufacturer, and there’s no reason for him to be on this car, because the primary task in creating this all-terrain vehicle was to ensure a high level of reliability.

According to the manufacturer, a fully loaded UAZ 3303 car can overcome 30-degree lifts, as well as water obstacles with a depth of no more than 50 cm ford. The truck itself is not quite whimsical and easy to maintain and repair. All of this, including its payload and throughput, makes the 3303 a rather practical and just perfect option for rural areas and harsh operating conditions.

The salon in the UAZ 3303 is quite simple, as in principle, and in all models with economic purpose, but it is worth noting that, depending on the configuration, the cabin can be equipped with both ordinary seats and more comfortable with head restraints.

Production model UAZ 3303 successfully continues to the present.

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