Peugeot boxer

The large Boxer family has been manufactured at SEVEL in northern Italy since 1994.

The main technical features of these cars include the front transverse arrangement of the power unit, the frame-carrying base, the front independent lever-spring suspension, and the complete set of all the options with 5-speed manual gearboxes.

In 2002, the model is restyled. Most of the exterior panels, including the doors, remained the same, but a new grille, bonnet, front fenders, and bumpers appeared. Block headlights not only increased in size, but also received the ceiling without a picture. The profiles of Boxer cars are easily recognizable by the wide protective plastic lining that runs along the entire edge at the level of the wheels and the new door handles. Rounded bumpers, lanterns with integrated interior ventilation holes and new "nameplates" with the name of the brand and model attract attention.

The new Boxer is the result of the development of top-level professionals who have set themselves the goal of perfecting everything, down to the smallest details of a car, and making it new in the constructive solutions that have been established over the years. For Boxer, powerful and economical power units, a complete set of safety features, perfect and ergonomic cabin equipment have been created.

Cars are equipped with a single 2-liter petrol engine producing 109 hp. and two vortex-chamber diesel engines with a working volume of 1905 and 2446 cm³. Since 2000, on heavier versions of the Boxer series with a gross weight of 3.2–3.5 tons, a new 4-cylinder 2.8-liter 2.8HDi diesel engine with a capacity of 128 hp has appeared.

This power unit is equipped with turbocharging, intermediate cooling and direct fuel injection system Common Rail. Especially for working with it a new 5-speed gearbox has been developed.

The design of Peugeot Boxer is a kind of revolution in the world of cargo vans. Modern, versatile, comfortable car for any life situation. Available in about 50 modifications. Three wheelbase. Three bodies with load capacity from 2.7 to 3.5 tons. Five bodies with a capacity of up to 12 m³.

Versions of the Peugeot Boxer: light cargo vans, utility vehicles with removable seats, passenger minibuses, flatbed trucks with one and two-row cab.

The car is used as an ambulance or public transport. No other van combines such flexibility with such a high level of comfort and a wide range of standard equipment.

An extended hood with a convex middle zone, an enlarged grille are characteristic features of the Peugeot Boxer look. Dual front headlamps with smooth diffusers and complex reflector geometry provide excellent illumination of the road, thereby increasing driving safety.

Modernized ergonomic door handles are convenient for opening the door with both right and left hands, which drivers holding a load in their hands will appreciate.

The comfort of the cabin at the highest level. Adjustable seats and steering column; electric windows; central locking; shift lever, rendered on the front panel; convenient location of the switches - everything is thought out so that the driver does not spend extra effort when driving.

For the convenience of passengers, numerous storage tanks are provided. Ventilation system provides climate comfort.

If desired, a telematics system can be installed to order, including a car stereo, a CD player, satellite navigation system (GPS), an emergency call button, and satellite telephone service (GSM).

Almost completely made of steel sheets with a thickness of 1.8 mm, the Peugeot Boxer turned out to be more durable and robust with impacts and road damages compared to other vans of the same class. Additional strength to the car gives the chassis increased rigidity, where steel frames are applied.

In order to prevent the appearance of corrosion, Peugeot Boxer is designed in such a way as to avoid the accumulation of dirt in inaccessible places of the body. In addition, more than 70 percent of the metal used is galvanized steel, the outer surfaces of which are galvanized twice and covered with five layers of protective material.

Despite the fact that the Boxer is designed to transport a large amount of cargo, it did not affect the quality and size of the cabin. Due to the fact that the gearshift lever is located at the instrument panel, in front of the cabin there is additional space for the third passenger.

The inner space of the Boxer is quite large. Three items with a length of up to 3.36 m and a height of up to 2.115 m can be freely placed there, and most of the cargo can be loaded both through side doors and through the back door. The useful width of the van is 1,808 m.

When transporting people in the Peugeot Boxer, you can freely accommodate up to 10 passenger seats, in which case it becomes the ideal vehicle for business purposes or for passenger traffic at airports. Seat upholstery can be custom-made.

The basic equipment Boxer includes exterior mirrors with electrically heated and electrically adjustable. Each exterior mirror has two mirrored glasses, one of which is aspherical, due to which the "dead" visibility is reduced.

As an additional equipment listed sensor overtaking. He warns the driver about the haunting car, which is in the "dead" zone, so that it does not start the inopportune overtaking.

Also as an additional equipment are parking assistance systems. The rear view camera transmits an image of the zone located behind the car to a five-inch screen. Ultrasonic sensors integrated into the rear bumper: when an obstacle is detected, the driver hears a beep, the frequency of which continuously increases as it approaches the obstacle.

In the Boxer Combi, the seats of the second and third rows are transformed into comfortable tables. There is a niche for documents and a laptop, as well as a 12V socket.

Gamma Boxer carries a combined indexing of models, where three-digit numbers 270, 310, 320 and 350 mean the total weight of the car in tens of kilograms. In a number of countries, indices 1000, 1400 and 1800 are used, indicating their rounded payload. The letters C, M, L and LL determine the size of the wheelbase - 2850, 3200, 3700 and 4050 mm respectively. The additional letters S, H, and HS indicate the different levels of the roof of the van or utility vehicle.

The design of the front suspension and power steering mechanisms provide ease of driving and precision maneuver.

Anti-lock braking system ABS is standard, anti-slip ASR is available on request only for some model variants.

Today, Boxer is one of the market leaders in multi-purpose minibuses. Economical, unpretentious and powerful on the parameters of the car - a reliable assistant for everyday work.

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