Mercedes vario


Mercedes-Benz Vario is a fairly simple middle-class frame truck, a light commercial vehicle of the DaimlerChrysler concern.

Vario is the most unusual representative of the Mercedes-Benz low-tonnage car program, combining qualities such as visibility, convenience, versatility, having a payload of up to 4.4 tons and a useful volume of up to 17.4 cubic meters.

Vario is the right solution for the most extensive range of tasks. It is equipped with a large number of bodies for various purposes: it can be a van or a body for a bus, as well as a chassis, chassis with a body, an onboard or dumping platform, including a double cabin. Available with standard or high roof. Gross weight in the range of 3.5-8.2 tons, which is offered in numerous versions with the wheel formula 4x2 or 4x4, several wheelbase sizes (3150-4800 mm).

The program presents two types of OM602LA and OM904LA diesel engines with turbocharging and intermediate cooling - 5- and 4-cylinder displacement of 2874 and 4250 cm3, respectively.

To meet specific customer requirements, additional equipment is available - from comfortable seats, air conditioning and heaters to power take-offs, as well as more than 100 serial and special colors. For use in harsh conditions, an all-wheel drive version is offered, which is equipped with locking rear and axle differentials and has lower gear ratios (models 814DA and 815DA).

Since September 2000, the 4.2-liter turbo diesel with intercooler and direct injection with a capacity of 136 and 150 hp has been installed on the new Vario 618D / 818D models. and torque 520 and 580 Nm, respectively. On request, these models are offered in versions that comply with Euro-3 standards. For "charged" versions, an engine with a capacity of 177 hp ../ 675 Nm is proposed, which is already reached at 1200 rpm. All engines in 4x2 models are equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and a little later an automatic 5-speed version was offered as an option Electronic gearbox.

All Mercedes-Benz Vario cars are equipped with parabolic suspension, all ventilated disc brakes and power steering. New Vario have dual-circuit brake system with hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, which is equipped with ABS and ALB. The interior of the cab has changed the dashboard, the driver's seat is adjustable in all directions. Improved sound insulation, a new heating and ventilation system. To increase safety, an airbag for the driver and three-point seat belts with fittings are installed.

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