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Mercedes-Benz UniMog: Crushin 'It! - Ignition Episode 59

Mercedes Benz Unimog is a “universal motor unit”, a multi-purpose special vehicle designed to meet industrial, municipal, construction and road needs, replacing, due to its versatility, a whole fleet of all kinds of special cars and tractors.

Mercedes-Benz has upgraded one of its most original models, the “universal motor unit” (Unimog). Having kept all technical abilities inherent in it, the car acquired a bright appearance that fully corresponds to the spirit of the times. The design began to resemble passenger models of Mercedes-Benz, the angularity of Unimog is a thing of the past. The hood, which is strongly inclined downwards, a large windshield, low-framed side windows - these are the main differences in the design of the Unimog cab. The rear window now provides even better visibility for working with all-purpose attachments.

Headlights Unimog headlights integrated with bumper. Clearance lights and direction indicators, comfortable rear-view mirrors allow the laborer to be seen at any time of the day. Unimog wings are made of plastic; they are not afraid of shocks and can be easily dismantled if they interfere with the installation of additional equipment. The cabin is made of durable fiberglass and is practically non-corrosive.

In the cabin - comfort and functionality, so not characteristic of special purpose vehicles. The seats are equipped with 3-point seat belts. Standard equipment includes a ventilation system and air conditioning. The joystick under the right hand is designed to control attachments: lawn mower, brush cutter, various manipulators - the list is quite long. The synchronized manual transmission with permanent all-wheel drive has 24 gears. Managing them presents no difficulties - the “smart” pneumatic system takes over. She herself "calculates" the desired gear, and the pneumatic cylinder turns it on as soon as the clutch pedal is released.

The latest generation Unimog is equipped with new 6-cylinder diesel engines - from 150 to 280 hp. U 500 with a 280 hp turbodiesel. - This is the most powerful version of the 50-year history of the release of these machines. A list of additional equipment includes a mower, a crane, snow removal equipment and other units. Under the hood Unimoga you can find the gearbox and PTO, which are designed to drive all the same attachments. Here, above the bumper, there are several power sockets for 12 and 24V.

If necessary, Unimog can move with a maximum speed of 80 km / h, which is much faster than, say, a tractor, which in its capabilities approaches the "universal motor unit". Unimog does not save and off-road. The car has forced locking of all three differentials.

Since 2003, an automatic transmission “AutomaticShift” has been installed on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400 and U 500 series. Successful operating experience on the U 3000-5000 series models and low cost will make it possible to increase the usability of the “junior” Unimogs without much expense. AutomaticShift allows you to change gears without pressing the clutch pedal - this function is performed here by a pneumatic actuator under the control of electronics. To ensure operation in various conditions, both manual and automatic switching are provided. The presence of the system of "fast reverse" (Electronic Quick Reverse) allows you to significantly save time with frequent changes of direction. The entire transmission is very similar to the similar node in the Mercedes-Benz Actros, only it weighs 200 kg less. The work of electronics is based on the EAS (Electronic Automated Shifting) scheme, which is also borrowed from Aktros. As for the advantages of such a transmission, in addition to convenience, it is necessary to note the increased reliability and durability, low maintenance costs and reduced fuel consumption.

Unimog feels great on the ... railroad tracks. Moreover, due to the presence of a special couplingless device and torque convector, the car is able to tow trailers weighing several tens of tons. It is important that Unimog does not require an extensive network of railway sidings and arrows - the “unit” may at any moment move down from the rail to the ground.

In the fight against fire requires powerful vehicles that combine functional reliability with a long service life. This is achieved at the expense of high operational standards. Fire trucks - TLF-8 series tanks were specially developed as fast and highly maneuvered vehicles. The increased water capacity in addition to the standard fire fighting equipment makes these trucks the perfect fire fighting vehicles, providing lightness and efficiency in extinguishing the fire. The popular and well-proven "Mercedes Unimog" - a powerful all-wheel drive vehicle with excellent maneuverability, due to the fact that the height from the ground to the frame is 440 mm.

The pump located in the tail end of the machine has a capacity of 800 / min (FP 8/8). The water tank holds 1850 liters of water. Standard equipment: (depending on the year of manufacture of the machine, it may be different) Water pump FP 8/8 or TS 8/8 - 2 air tanks

- 4 spare tanks

- 5KVA generator

- stoic for lamp

- 2x 1000W bulbs

- 8 C-hoses

- 11 B-hose hoses

- set of tools

- first aid kit

- 30 m. Hose

- 3 lifting rollers

- water pump

- 60 l. foam

- 2 foam hoses

- heat resistant suit

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