Mercedes axor

Mercedes-Benz Axor is a multifunctional vehicle.

Axor truck length - 5815 or 6115 mm.

MERCEDES-BENZ AXOR 2528 R INDONESIA | First Impression Review

Width - 2490 mm. Turning radius - 3600 or 3900 mm. Front wheel track - 2053 mm., And the rear - 1802 mm. The weight of the car is 6450 kg., And the load capacity is 18.000 - 40.000 kg.

Attention is paid to the trim and interior. Firstly, it is not inferior to the comfort of passenger Mercedes, and, secondly, it even slightly exceeds them - in this car the driver will have to spend time for days.

The engine is unified with the OM 457 LA, which is used in the Travego buses.

► 2011 Mercedes-Benz Axor

Its TTD: power - from 260 to 315 kW at 1900 rpm. min with a maximum torque of 1,850 to 2,100 Nm at 1,100 rpm. min Ecology "exhaust" - in class - Euro 3. Mercedes Axtor used ABS and ASR systems.

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