Mercedes atego

Z perspektywy kierowcy Mercedes Atego

Mercedes-Benz Atego - DaimlerChrysler truck family car ..

In 1999, the Atego family of cars won the title Truck of the Year. Experts appreciated the level of technical solutions introduced into the design of machines. Perhaps the most vivid impression left cabin. Its aerodynamic qualities, comfort, ergonomics deserve top marks. Consumers are offered one of four basic options. The length and internal height of the smallest cab S are 1650 and 1500 mm, respectively. Its more spacious version is 180 mm longer. In turn, the cabin L, designed for the installation of one sleeping shelf, has a length of 2250 mm, and the internal height, at which two beds already fit, reaches 1920 mm. The internal cab width is 2 m, the outer one is 2.3 m. The Atego family includes 27 basic models and hundreds of modifications. They are divided into a lightweight series with a total weight of 6.5–15 tons and a heavy one, the analogous indicators of which are 18–26 tons. In the first case, trucks are equipped with OM 904 LA 4-cylinder diesel engines with a working volume of 4.25 liters and a capacity of 122; 152 and 170 hp, or in-line 6.4-liter "six" OM 906 LA, developing 231; 245 and 275 hp In the second - only engines of 231 and 279 hp. The engines are controlled by the electronic system Tel-ligent. Self-produced gearboxes have 6 and 12 gears, while the purchasers of ZF have 5 and 9 gears. Customized are the "machines" Allison. Leading hypoid bridges have a very solid set of gear ratios. The machines of the heavy series have in their arsenal 6-, 12-and 16-speed gearboxes, or 5-speed Allison units. For various types of work, cars are made with wheel formulas 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4. Provided reduction step in the transfer case, differential locking, planetary wheel gearboxes. Parabolic and semi-elliptical springs, air bellows or combined versions are used as elastic elements. Urban automobile brakes are usually ventilated discs; on dump trucks and all-wheel drive versions - drum, ABS comes as standard, PBS - in custom. The length of the cargo compartment is determined by the 14 values ​​of the wheelbase - from 3010 to 6960 mm.

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