Kia k3600

The release of a small Korean truck KIA K3600, another name for KIA FRONTIER 2.5, began in 1988. Like many other buses and trucks of this automaker, KIA K3600 was developed in close cooperation with Japanese engineers, in particular with HINO, a well-known manufacturer of buses, trucks and special equipment. Thus, KIA K3600 is a "fusion" of ready-made technological solutions and its own developments and improvements of Korean engineers. 

The currently available KIA 3600 II has one variant of the overall length of the body (5360 mm), with a wheelbase of 3360 mm and a gauge of 1470/1490 mm. The carrying capacity of the machine is 2.5-2.7 tons, the minimum ground clearance is 220 mm. A van (dimensions 3400/1980/1860 mm), a manipulator, a drilling rig, a tanker truck, a refrigeration unit and others can be based on the same platform.

Salon KIA K3600 is quite comfortable, functional and practical for the cabin of a car of similar purpose. In the list of equipment there are air conditioning, radio and a roomy glove box. The back of the middle seat folds down, turning into a table with cup holders. Large cab glass area provides a good overview. The driver's seat is adjustable in two directions, and the steering column - the angle of inclination. Next to the pedal assembly there is a platform for the left foot. Sun visors, cockpit lighting and an internal rear-view mirror provide an acceptable level of comfort for the driver and passengers.

Installed on the KIA K3600 (KIA FRONTIER 2.5) diesel engines have proven to be highly reliable and consume almost no domestic diesel fuel. The list of power plants of the model includes two diesel four-cylinder atmospheric units from Hyundai: the first, having the SH index, with a volume of 3.581 liters develops a power of 95 hp, the second, with the SL index, with a volume of 3.455 liters, has a power of 90 hp. A car equipped with an SH engine can accelerate to 110 km / h and consumes 10.4 liters of fuel per 100 km in the urban cycle. To access the longitudinal engine, the cab leans forward, like all bonnetless trucks.

Car suspension copes well with most road surface irregularities. In the loaded state, the KIA 3600 has a good smoothness. The rear wheel suspension is a continuous axle on the springs, the front one is also dependent, on the springs with a transverse beam. The anti-roll bars of the front and rear axles protect the KIA K3600 from lateral tilting.

The steering of the truck is easy and informative due to the hydraulic booster included as standard. On busy city streets, this circumstance is of no small importance. Transmission KIA K3600 is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The drive to the rear axle reducer is carried out by means of a cardan shaft. The front brake disc, rear - drum. The standard tire size is 175 / R16 LT.

The long period of production and operation of the KIA K3600 makes it possible to consider this mid-size multi-purpose truck as one of the best in the class. The car has earned a reputation as a fairly simple to maintain and unpretentious, subject to timely MOT, in the operation of the vehicle.

By purchasing a KIA K3600, the buyer gets a reliable and convenient truck for a small amount of money, which has a construction that has been worked out over the years and has almost the “Japanese” quality of the main components. During further operation, due to the lower cost of spare parts for Korean cars, the owner gets the opportunity to save on maintenance.

The production of KIA K-series trucks, in particular the KIA K3600 II, has been launched at the Russian Avtotor CJSC in Kaliningrad. A similar Korean car is the Hyundai HD-72 (Hyundai Mighty).

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