Kia k3000

Kia k3000s 2005 full calidad

The first light-duty truck KIA K3000, also called the Bongo Frontier, came off the assembly line of this automaker in 1997. The purpose of this vehicle is the maintenance of small urban transport in the sphere of individual entrepreneurship and small business.

Over the years, the release of the KIA 3000 was carried out several upgrades of the car, and now it continues to be made without significant changes. The only feature is that after 2003 the index Bongo 3 was added to the name.

Kia K3000

Since 1997, the exterior of the KIA K3000 has been subjected to a minor facelift twice. The first time it was carried out in 2000; narrow headlights and radiator grille have been replaced by wide. In 2003, as a result of the next restyling, the head optics changed again, it became vertical, and the air intakes moved to the bumper.

The overall length of the KIA K3000 until 2000 was 5025 mm; from 2000 to 2002, it was 5100 mm, and since 2002 it has become 5245 mm. Car load capacity varies depending on the type of body - 1.3-1.5 tons. The machine can be equipped with a standard (standard) or an extended cabin. It should be noted that onboard KIA K3000 (Bongo Frontier) can be based on-board truck, van, manipulator, tank, other additional equipment.

The interior of the KIA K3000 is quite comfortable, functional and practical, its equipment is fully consistent with the requirements for modern trucks. In the list of KIA K3000 cabin equipment, as a rule, already in the basic set, there are air conditioning, a radio tape recorder, pockets and boxes for small items, and lots of other nice little things. The long cab version of this truck has 2 rows of seats.

Kia K3000

KIA K3000 power plants have also been upgraded. Until 2000, the cars were equipped with JT-type diesel engines with a volume of 2.975 liters, whose power was about 90 hp. After 2000, the KIA K3000 (Bongo Frontier) began to install engines, unified with the Hyundai power units - D4AL turbodiesel engines, which, with a volume of 3.298 liters, give out about 115 hp of power. Powerful, economical and reliable, practically not knowing failures, these engines have gained deserved popularity among road carriers.

Front suspension KIA K3000 - dependent on the springs, with a transverse beam. The rear is a continuous bridge and springs. Among other features of the suspension of the truck can be noted anti-roll bar in front. On the go, the KIA K3000 suspension “smooths” both small holes and large unevenness of the roadway. Anti-lateral stabilizers of the front and rear axles protect against lateral tilting. Steering truck with hydraulic booster included as standard. Its informational content allows the driver to feel confident in the conditions of urban traffic jams and narrow streets.

The KIA K3000 transmission includes a 5-speed manual gearbox. The drive to the rear axle reducer is carried out by means of a cardan shaft. There is also a four-wheel drive version of the KIA K3000.

Buying a second-hand KIA K3000 truck, a potential consumer makes a reasonable and economically viable choice. For little money, he gets a reliable and convenient truck, which has a construction that has been worked out over the years and has practically the “Japanese” quality of the main units. Further operation, subject to timely maintenance, due to the low price of spare parts also will not be particularly burdensome.

A similar Korean car is the Hyundai HD-68 (Hyundai Mighty).

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