Kia k2700

The release of a small Korean truck KIA K2700 began in 1997.

Kia K2700 Nov-2017

Its other name is Bongo Frontier. This car is designed for use in small businesses for small urban transport. For more than ten years of production, the K2700 has undergone several upgrades and continues to be produced with the addition that after 2003 the Bongo 3 index was added to the model name.

Kia k2700

The body of the KIA K2700 was restyled twice: the first time in 2000, when the narrow headlights and radiator grille were replaced by wide, and the second time - in 2003. The latest version features a vertically located head optics and air intake, moved to the bumper.

The length of the KIA K2700 until 2000 was 5025 mm, from 2000 to 2002 it was 5100 mm, and after 2002 it was 5245 mm. Car load capacity 1 ton. KIA K2700 can be equipped with a standard or extended cab. On the platform, the KIA K2700 also collects an onboard truck, caravan, auto-manipulator, tank car and some other cars.

Salon KIA K2700 comfortable and practical as far as it can be functional in a truck. The list of interior equipment includes air conditioning and radio. The long cab version has 2 rows of seats.

Kia k2700

Until 2000, the KIA K2700 was equipped with a 2.7-liter J2 diesel engine with an output of 80 hp.

KIA K2700

After 2000, engines were put on the bus, unified with the Hyundai model line - D4AL turbodiesel engines, with a volume of 3.3 liters producing about 115 hp. Powerful, economical and reliable, practically not knowing failures, these power units have earned a good reputation.

The front suspension KIA K2700 is dependent on springs with a transverse beam, the rear one is a continuous axle on springs. The front of the car also has a stabilizer bar. On the go, the KIA K2700 suspension works well on both small holes and large irregularities, providing an acceptable level of comfort. Anti-lateral stabilizers of the front and rear axles protect against lateral tilting.

Kia k2700

The steering of the K2700 truck is quite light and informative, quite comparable with the control of a car - naturally, due to the power steering, which is included in the standard equipment. This circumstance has a positive effect when driving on busy city streets and alleys.

Transmission KIA K2700 is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The drive to the rear axle reducer is carried out by means of a cardan shaft. There is also a version of the model with all-wheel drive.

By purchasing a used KIA K2700 from Korea, a consumer for a small amount of money gets a reliable and convenient truck that has a fairly simple design and the “Japanese” quality of the main components and assemblies. The only condition for the smooth operation of the vehicle is timely maintenance.

A similar Korean car, unified with the K2700, is the Hyundai HD-65 (Hyundai Mighty).

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