Il 2717

IL-2717 is an improved version of the good old "heel", which appeared in 1999.

IL-2717 Acquisition. Our purchase.

The family consists of two models: IL-2717 van and IL-27171 pickup. Both versions are inexpensive, but fairly reliable and unpretentious cars. Both versions are equipped with tires designed for increased load.

IZH-2717 van, as conceived by the engineers of the plant, can be equipped with different bodies, ranging from an isothermal van and ending with a retail kiosk. The back door of the van is fixed in the upper open position with the help of two pneumatic seals. Opening and closing the door is carried out with the help of two locks and a handle with a drive. On top of the body is covered with a removable steel roof. The payload for the van is 650 kg.

For the IZH-27171 pickup, a large number of different add-ons and modules are produced, which can be fixed for an hour without special equipment. In the pickup, the rear and side sides of the body recline, which facilitates loading / unloading. In addition, the installation of special arcs for mounting the awning. The design of the hinged sides provides for the installation of a removable plastic cap. This makes it possible to convert the car into a cargo version with a body like "van". Installation of special arches for a tension of an awning is possible.

Izh 2717

The payload for the pickup is 740 kg.

The design used time-tested parts and assemblies. The front suspension is independent, such as McPherson, the rear suspension is spring dependent, the gearbox is five-speed, the brakes are disc for the front wheels and the drum shoe for the rear, hydraulically driven, two-chamber master cylinder and a vacuum booster. Rack and pinion steering gear with lower rack arrangement significantly reduces driving effort and makes it extremely manoeuvrable.

The range of power units offers a choice of: UZAM volume of 1.7 liters capacity of 85 hp. and VAZ-2106 of 1.6 liter capacity of 74.5 hp Both of these engines are reliable and unpretentious.

IL 2717 served as an indispensable tool for small daily transportation. The low price combined with the simplicity of design and reliability made this car extremely attractive for the Russian consumer. Three-quarters of the trucks manufactured at Izhmash were covered with IL-2717 covered vans, another quarter were pick-up trucks with an open-side IZH-27171 platform. On trucks of the IL-2717 family accounts for about 40% of the annual production of IL cars.

In 2005, the production of all IL cars was curtailed. At present, the IZH 27175 van is produced on VAZ-2104 units. The new van retains all the key characteristics that enabled its predecessor, the IL-2717, to enjoy steady demand from consumers. By production of IZh 27175 the modernized welding equipment is used. The bodies undergo mandatory anti-corrosion treatment with cataphoresis. IZ-27175 is available in three body styles (cargo compartment): with a tailgate and tailgate (IL-27175-030); with hinged doors (IL-27175-030-10); with the original plastic cap (IL-27175-030-20).

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