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GAZ Sable 4x4 2018 review

The Sobol commercial vehicle family includes flatbed trucks, vans and minibuses. Their production began in 1998, and since 2003, the production of the second generation “Sobol” has been launched.

Sobol is an independent development of GAZ engineers. Despite the external similarity with the well-known "GAZelle", it is a car of another class with a load capacity of up to 1 ton and other specifics of use. Nevertheless, the cab, engine, gearbox and clutch, as well as headlights, glass, mirrors and door handles are unified with it.

Of the differences, the original should be noted: a frame with new spars, a front suspension (independent two-lever, without a door, on ball bearings); rear suspension differs in other springs. Also, the brakes were modernized, the diameter of the front discs was 15 mm larger than that of the Gazelle, and the original drums were installed at the back, due to the single wheels.

The family of cars "Sobol" consists of the following modifications: the side truck with a single-row cab GAZ-2310; cargo and cargo-passenger vans with all-metal bodies (with one and two rows of seats) GAZ-2752 and GAZ-2752 "combi"; minibuses "Barguzin": for 10 passenger seats GAZ-2217-5 and 6-seater minibus "luxury" GAZ-2217-0.

The dimensions of the rear wheel drive models "Sable" 4840/2075/2200 mm, with a version with a cargo platform - 4840/2095/2370 mm. Versions with all-wheel drive (they have the figure “7” added to the index) are 100 mm higher. The wheelbase is 2760 mm and the track is 1700/1700 mm. Clearance - not less than 150 mm.

Delivery vans "Sobol" are used in the work of enterprises in various fields: service, utilities, small private companies. There are a total of 12 different, depending on the purpose, complete sets of this version.

Triple van GAZ-2752 has a load capacity of 770 kilograms. The volume of the cargo compartment reaches 6.9 m3, its dimensions are 2460/1830/1530 mm. Loading is carried out through the rear swing and side sliding doors, and loading height is 700 millimeters. In the van without problems fit not only small, but also quite bulky items, since the height of the luggage compartment is more than one and a half meters. By increasing the distance between the arches of the rear wheels (single wheels are used on the Sobol), the cargo compartment has become somewhat wider than that of the Gazelle.

The design of the rear of the body, like the interior of the cabin, is more like a minivan than the GAZelle trucks. Despite the fact that the “Sobol” van is less than the “GAZel” by 660 millimeters in length, the dimensions of the driver's cab remain the same. Convenient access to the rear row of seats through a wide sliding side door. The cabin of each cargo-passenger Sobol is separated from the luggage compartment by a blank partition, which contributes to the comfort of passengers and their protection from cargo. All "Sobol" are equipped with power steering.

GAZ-2752 "Kombi" has seven seats for the driver and passengers, has 3.7 m3 of luggage compartment and has a lifting capacity of 305 kg. The dimensions of the cargo compartment 1330/1830/1530 mm.

A truck with a side platform GAZ-2310, like the rest of the Sable, has a 4x2 wheel formula with leading rear wheels. It can carry up to 900 kg of cargo. The internal dimensions of the platform are 2340/1978/400 mm.

Thanks to the power steering that greatly simplifies driving, it is easy to park on sable cars in cramped urban environments. The turning radius is only 6 meters.

On the model of this family, they are installed as gasoline in-line 4-cylinder 16-valve 2.3 L engines ZMZ-4066.10 (150 hp / 5200 rpm), 2.4 l ZMZ-4026.10 (100 hp / 4500 rpm) and 2.3 liters ZMZ-4063.10 (110 hp / 4500 rpm), consuming AI-92, and 4-cylinder 2.1-liter turbo diesel GAZ-560 (Steyr М14) (95 hp / 3800 about) with a microprocessor control system of fuel supply. The maximum speed is 140 km / h (with ZMZ-4066.10), 125 km / h (with ZMZ-4063.10 and GAZ-560), 120 km / h (with ZMZ-4026.10). Fuel consumption in the urban cycle: 10.1 l (with ZMZ-4026.10); 9.5 liters (with ZMZ-4063.10); 7.2 liters (with GAZ-560). On the highway, the indicators correspond to 11.3 l (with ZMZ-4026.10); 10.7 L (with ZMZ-4063.10); 9.0 liters (with GAZ-560).

Motors are aggregated with a manual 5-speed gearbox. Independent front suspension 2-lever spring with gas-filled shock absorbers and anti-roll bar, rear - dependent on 2 longitudinal semi-elliptical springs with anti-roll bar (optional) and hydraulic telescopic double-sided shock absorbers.

Brake system hydraulic 2-circuit with a vacuum booster, sensor emergency fall of the level of brake fluid and pressure regulator. The front brake disc, rear - drum. The standard tire size is 185 / 75R16C, the Barguzin version has 225 / 60R16. For a fee is set ABS.

Commercial vehicles "Sable" are distinguished by such qualities as simplicity of design and unpretentiousness in maintenance, reliability and high maintainability, reasonable price and maneuverability.

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