Gaz barguzin

The family of commercial vehicles "Sobol" includes in addition to the flatbed trucks and vans also the minibuses "Barguzin".

Review: GAZ Sobol-Barguzin. Worker iron. (1st restyling, monodrive).

Their production began in 1999, and since 2003, the production of the second generation model has been adjusted.

The minibuses "Barguzin" are divided into 10-seater GAZ-2217 (-5) and 6-seater minibus "luxury" GAZ-2217 (-0). In the basic version of these cars rear-wheel drive, but there is also a version of the GAZ-22177 with all-wheel drive. GAZ-2217 and GAZ-22177 differ in body height (2100 and 2200 mm, respectively). There are a total of 10 different, depending on the purpose, complete sets of this version.

Dimensions of the model 4840/2075/2100 mm with a base of 2760 mm and 1700/1700 mm track. Curb weight of the car is 2130-2180 kg, full - 2800-2980 kg, depending on the modification. Ground clearance not less than 150 mm.

Both Barguzins (GAZ-2217 and GAZ-22177) are the top modifications in the family of Sobol minibuses. These comfortable and quite elegant cars clearly demonstrate that on wheels you can not only move and work, but also have a good rest.

Minibus "Barguzin" with an average roof has two options: with a cabin "coupe" superior, designed to carry six passengers, and an option designed to carry ten passengers. Ten-seater minibuses can be used as a school bus, as well as in the social sphere or tourist traffic.

The interior of a minibus in the form of a coupe matters if Barguzin is used as a business vehicle, as it is more natural to communicate, sitting face to face.

Motorist 124 GAZ-2217 (Sable)

It has six comfortable passenger seats with headrests and folding armrests, a folding table with grooves for glasses. Above the table there is a lamp of individual lighting.

Comfort for the driver and passengers, handling, smoothness and stability at high speeds are improved by the use of an independent front suspension, which brings the minibus as close as possible to passenger cars.

All-wheel drive car GAZ-22177 "Barguzin" is designed for passenger traffic in difficult road conditions and rural areas as a service delivery vehicle, or for use as a family vehicle for outdoor activities. The car has a spring front and rear suspension, odnoskatnuyu busbar all wheels, power steering.

All variants of the Barguzin minibuses are equipped with an efficient heating and ventilation system, sliding side windows and a ventilation hatch, as well as a good sound insulation. Rear hinged doors provide convenient loading of baggage onto the landing behind the passenger seats.

The following engines are installed on minibuses: petrol ZMZ-40522.10 and ZMZ-40524.10 with a capacity of 123 hp, consuming AI-92, and diesel GAZ-5601 (Steyr). A 2.4-liter DOHC petrol engine from Chrysler is also available as an option.

Motors are aggregated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The steering mechanism, as on all GAZ "Sobol" cars, is of the type "screw-ball nut" with hydraulic booster.

Independent front suspension 2-lever spring with gas-filled shock absorbers and anti-roll bar, rear - dependent on 2 longitudinal semi-elliptical springs with anti-roll bar (optional) and hydraulic telescopic double-sided shock absorbers.

Brake system hydraulic 2-circuit with a vacuum booster, sensor emergency fall of the level of brake fluid and pressure regulator. The front brake disc, rear - drum. For a fee is set ABS. The standard tire size is 225 / 60R16.

Compact, maneuverable and at the same time comfortable minibuses “Barguzin” are quite unpretentious in maintenance, adapted for operation in various road conditions due to the simplicity of design and high maintainability.

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