Volvo 760

The Volvo 700 Series appeared in February 1982, and with its razor-sharp faceted appearance just fit into what was then automotive fashion. This angular and gruff car, despite its “specific” appearance, was popular for a whole decade.

The reason for such a strong attachment is quite prosaic - a durable, almost wear-free galvanized body with ventilated hidden cavities, very resistant to weather hazards and time coloring, a high level of safety and excellent build quality. In addition, due to the small turning radius (9.9 m) and power steering model 760 is convenient for use in the city. But most importantly - comfort and spaciousness.

Since its introduction in April 1982, the Model 760 has been supplied mainly to the US market, for which the designers and designers of the company mainly tried. This explains the high level of vehicle equipment. Version for the North American market distinguishes chetyrehfarnaya head-lighting system.

The debut model 760GLE of the new family was completed with a voracious V-shaped 2.85-liter 156-horsepower petrol “six” V28 F (produced jointly with French Renault and Peugeot), which required up to 17 l / 100 km of gasoline in the urban cycle.

Completing the picture of the six-cylinder diesel TD24, with which the Volvo 7b0 GLE accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 13s. At that time, it was the most dynamic car in the world with a diesel engine.

In September 1983, after the appearance of the powerful 182-horsepower 2.3-liter B23 FT turbocharged gasoline engine, the car from the class of just compact luxury migrated to the category of prestigious dynamic sedans.

September 1985 was marked by a rather significant event: Volvo released the 5-7-seater station wagon Station wagon 760 series with standard plastic longitudinal segments on the roof. In the back of the trunk they have another extra seat for transporting children.

The body load space of these station wagons can vary from 990 to 2125 liters with the rear seats folded down. Additional accessories are offered: grilles between the boot racks (for transporting pets), roof rack, air conditioning, etc.

Cars manufactured since August 1987, are somewhat more expensive than their predecessors, even that year, due to the fact that during this period cosmetic surgery was carried out to update the front of the model 760.

Changed the radiator grille, headlight lenses received a greater positive slope, replaced the rigid rear axle with a more advanced independent with subframe and tie rods, changed the bumpers.

In 1987, they presented the Model 760 with an independent Multilink rear suspension, with electronic climate control (ECC), with a sunroof, power seats, power windows, heated mirrors and a central lock. This model was assembled at the plant in Kalmara.

The Model 760 is quite remarkable in the Volvo model range, both in terms of its design and quality, and in terms of safety.

In 1990, the release of the Volvo 760 model was discontinued.

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