Volkswagen scirocco

The debut of the sports three-door hatchback Scirocco was held back in 1974.

Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014) review - Carbuyer

The car replaced the model Karmann Ghia. The Scirocco was based on the A1 chassis, which he shared with the Golf and Jetta. Giorgio Giugiaro from Italdesign was involved in the design. Named car in honor of the warm Mediterranean wind, emerging in the vast Sahara desert. The range of power units consisted of motors from 1.1 to 1.6 liters (1.7 liters in North America), all with one camshaft and two valves per cylinder.

Volkswagen Scirocco

In 1982, the second-generation Scirocco was introduced, modified and improved, and two years later, as a result, the Scirocco acquired the leather interior, power windows and mirrors, air conditioning and a manual sunroof. The model proved so successful that it lasted on the assembly line until 1988 in the United States, 1989 in Canada, and 1992 in Germany. Scirocco was replaced by VW Corrado.

VW paused for 16 years. In 2008, the third generation Scirocco was introduced. Production started at the Autoeuropa assembly plant in Palmela, Portugal. Scirocco III is positioned as an "affordable sports car for every day." The long roof, short hood, narrow grille and catchy design of halogen headlamps give the Scirocco an extremely dynamic and stylish look. The design turned out quite bright and noticeable. Three-door body, if desired, can be decorated with a transparent panoramic roof.

Volkswagen Scirocco coupe 2014 review - Carbuyer

It does not come in the traditional configuration, but can be ordered separately.

The car interior is of high quality finish and comfort. The front seats can be adjusted in height, and the three-spoke sports steering wheel has leather trim. Volkswagen Scirocco is a full-fledged car for four people; two large men can comfortably seat on its back seats. By the standards of a middle-class coupe, legroom for rear passengers in the second row is enough. In addition, the not too familiar, extremely low sporting fit in the cabin allows people to be placed 190 cm in height without problems in the Scirocco: the height of the ceiling from the seat cushions is 94.8 cm in front and 92.3 cm in the rear. At the same time, the front seats are equipped with the Easy Entry system, shifting and returning the first row of seats to their original position to facilitate the landing and disembarking of rear passengers. The trunk of a car can not boast of a huge volume (292 liters), but with the rear seats folded down it can be increased to 755 liters.

But the main purpose of the Scirocco is to bring joy from driving. Low center of gravity, wide track, sports suspension (McPherson racks front, rear - four-lever) are aimed at maximum maneuverability. If desired, you can order the optional adaptive suspension DCC with an electronic system of constant control of the stiffness of the shock absorbers, which selects the most appropriate level of stiffness of the shock absorbers, based on road quality and driving conditions.

Under the hood of the Scirocco are engines with a 1.4-liter TSI capacity of 122 hp, as well as turbocharging and a supercharger of 160 hp. For lovers of drive, there is a powerful 200-power engine in the line of power units. Engines work in combination with a six-speed manual gearbox. In the Old World are available two-liter turbo diesel capacity of 140 and 170 hp. The appearance of the Scirocco in the R version with an engine capacity of 275 hp is also expected.

The car is equipped with various safety systems (ESP, ABS, ASR, electronic differential locking system, vehicle skid prevention system), which ensure maximum traffic safety. In addition, the car is equipped with front passenger and driver airbags, front side airbags and curtain airbags to protect the head from the front and rear.

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