Volkswagen golf plus

Since the spring of 2005, sales of the Golf Plus model (dimensions 4206x1759x1580 mm), which is a 5-seater compact van on the Golf V units, began in Europe and then in other markets.

Volkswagen Golf Plus review - What Car?

At first glance, the car is perceived as a Golf, but it has an individual style and expands the prospects of the Golf series. The main plus is the body height increased by 95 mm. Although the other dimensions remained the same as that of the famous predecessor, the feeling of spaciousness was completely different due to a more vertical fit. It also provides more legroom for both the driver and passengers.

Additional centimeters went to the front wings (Plus's nose is more massive) and roof pillars — they start much earlier at the same angle of inclination. To make it look harmonious, they added triangles of windows and a rib from headlights to lanterns. Compared to the donor, Plus has a significantly "front end" changed: here almost all of its parts, the original ones - head optics, bumper, fenders, and so on. Also, the rear door and lights are differently decorated, in which, instead of incandescent bulbs, high-speed LEDs are used.

Interior features: a multifunctional ceiling console, a fully convertible rear seat (40:20:40) with the possibility of separate adjustment along the length (160 mm) and angle of the back, comfortable front and backrest armrests (adjustable) and rear, double boot floor and many pockets, boxes and grids to accommodate small luggage. For example, a multifunctional front armrest, which can accommodate a cooled box (optional).

The design department, considering the maximum height of the Golf Plus, has developed a new control panel. She expectedly rose up and acquired a "minivan" appearance - mainly due to the massive center console and 4 pairs of round ventilation vents.

VW Golf Plus 2008 - a great overview with a new approach on the channel

All individual elements are the same as on the Volkswagen Golf.

Trunk volume can increase from 395 liters to 1,450 liters with the rear seats folded down. The kinematics of the rear seats are designed in such a way that when the backrest folds, the pad goes down and forward, so that in one motion a cargo compartment with a flat floor is obtained. The middle seat in the back row can easily turn into either a table with cupholders, a hefty armrest, or (with an optional module) a multi-purpose drawer.

At first, Volkswagen offered four engines for the Golf Plus: two petrol 1.4 liter (75 hp) and 1.6 FSI (115 hp), as well as two turbo diesel 1.9 l (105 hp) and 2.0 liter ( 140 hp) By the middle of 2005, the gamma engines will be replenished with petrol-powered power units of 1.6 liters (102 hp) and two-liter FSI (150 hp), as well as a 90-horsepower turbo diesel. The Golf Plus transmission also assumes a variety of: five- and six-speed “mechanics”, a six-speed “automatic” and an advanced robotic box with two DSG clutches.

Configuration options are the same as on the Golf V –from the base Trendline to the top Comfortline and the sporty Sportline. Already in standard equipment, the car is equipped with front and side airbags, systems ESP, ABS, as well as antiskid control system ASR. In versions Comfortline and Sportline in the basic equipment Golf Plus includes air conditioning Climatic.

The console between the front seats is available in two versions. In the top version, it contains a cooled box (in cars with air conditioning), and also makes it possible to install an optional CD changer or DVD player from the Rear Seat Entertainment system from Volkswagen Individual. In addition, as an option, a 230-volt socket for recharging a laptop battery or other devices can be accommodated on the center console, which is an absolute innovation in the Golf-class.

Golf Plus is focused primarily on family people with an active lifestyle, who use the car not only in the city, but also on long journeys.

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