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World's Cleanest VW Corrado VR6 - One Take

Cars wearing the VW logo were reliable, economical, safe, comfortable, but were not sporty. The concern made the first test step in the direction of a sports car in the 1980s, launch Scirocco, and then SciroccoII. But by the end of the 80s it became clear that the model was technically outdated, and a new version of a sports car was needed. For this reason, in 1988, Volkswagen launches Corrado. The name of the old good tradition borrowed from the wind. "Sorrer" translated from Spanish means "rush, chase." Manufacturers decided that the new product should be compact and inexpensive, in full accordance with the concept of "people's car." The exterior design is a squat silhouette with an oddly curved belt line, a short rear overhang and an extended hood, and an almost flat "front" crowned with rectangular optics.

In the role of the main driving force was the engine capacity of 1.8 and 16 valves (16V). A little later he was joined by a G-60 with a mechanical supercharger. At the time, with this engine, the Corrado became the most powerful (160 hp) and fastest car in the Volkswagen model range. Inside the Corrado was arranged according to the classic canons of the sports coupe.

Front seats with improved lateral support offer a reclining fit and have at least three adjustments. The back seat is also comfortable, but you have to take into account that only two passengers of small stature can accommodate it comfortably, since the Corrado has a rather low roof. The basic equipment of the cabin is rather modest, leather trim of the seats and doors, as well as electric equipment were optional equipment.

In 1992, the range of engines undergoes dramatic changes. Replacing the 16V comes 2 liters of the 16-valve, the G-60 gives way to a VR6 of 2 liters with 8 valves and 190 hp. The changes affected the grille, bumper, protivotumanok, steering wheel obtyanuli skin and replaced with a modern 3 Spitz. Improved stove control system. In addition, the VR6 steel, by default, put the traction control system. The updated Corrado is equipped with all the necessary electronic devices, such as front electric windows, antiallergic ventilation filter system, anti-theft system, Sony’s six-speaker stereo-radio system, and tinted windows. It has power steering, central locking and ABS. In the most expensive version with a motor VR6 is also offered air conditioning, steering column with height adjustment, and power mirrors.

The luggage compartment is 330 liters.

Corrado Suspension (front - independent, rear - semi-dependent beam). The car is distinguished by good stability and at high speeds (under 200 km / h) holds the road perfectly. The specific wedge-shaped form of the body and the automatically rising (at a speed of over 130 km / h) rear wing contribute to the confident ride.

In 1995, Corrado was discontinued. At this time, the sports coupe is already out of fashion and not in great demand. For all the production time, 92,521 copies were produced.

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