Volkswagen bora

Former sedans based on the Golf model (Jetta and Vento) are a thing of the past; in the fall of 1998, Volkswagen introduced a worthy replacement for them under their own name Bora.

2000 Volkswagen Bora. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

Bora - as the Italians dubbed the cold wind blowing in winter from the mainland to the Adriatic. The Germans remained true to their traditions, to name cars in honor of various meteorological phenomena. The model begins to be produced in 1999.

The car is built on the Golf IV platform, but looks a little like familiar Golf hatchbacks due to the new design of the front. The VW Bora has outgrown the Golf hatchbacks by 230 mm: the length of a 5-seater car is 4380 mm. The rear overhang is extended by 220 mm, which made it possible to increase the useful trunk volume to 455 liters. Significant changes in the model occurred not only in the rear, but also in the front of the car, for example, headlights, hood, fenders, grille, not to mention the bumpers. Bora's design is rigorous. Long-term preservation of the car provides all-galvanized body. The warranty period against rust - 12 years.

Sedans designed for the European market can be equipped with seven engine options: five petrol and two turbo diesel engines. Turbodiesels have the same volume - 1.9 l., But different boost pressure and, respectively, power: 90 and 115 hp

Gamma gasoline engines include:

- volume 1.6 liters capacity 100 hp

- volume 2.0 l power 115 hp

- volume 1.8 liters power 125 hp (VR5)

- volume 2.3 liters power 150 hp (VR5)

- capacity 2.8 l power 204 hp (VR6)

In addition to the base model, three versions are offered in which the Bora looks even more comfortable and attractive: Comfortline, Highline and Trendline.

Bora Trendline - option in a sporty style. Its main differences are Avus alloy wheels and sporty front seats, adjustable in height.

Bora Comfortline - a car of increased comfort. In the backs of the front seats put adjustable lumbar supports, reducing fatigue on a long journey. Electric windows. Exterior mirrors - heated and synchronized electric adjustments.


The rim of the steering wheel and handlebars are covered with leather. From technical delights offered rain sensor.

Bora Highline - option for the most pretentious buyers. Externally, the car is distinguished by Le Castellet alloy wheels, low-profile tires of the 205th dimension, fog lights and inserts of precious wood in the door handle and center console trim. In the interior trim is allocated on-board computer, radio control central locking, security alarm, electric sunroof.

Great importance is given to active safety. Therefore, for example, during emergency braking, the ABS with the function of an electronic brake force distributor helps to maintain the car’s handling. In addition, in the configuration with almost any of the proposed engines at the request of the buyer put automatic exchange rate stability. The sensors of this system continuously monitor the behavior of the car on the road. If Bora gets into a critical situation due to excessive or insufficient turning, the automatics will slow down the corresponding wheels. This will prevent the front or rear axle from skidding and will ensure vehicle stability.

The basic model includes: power steering, steering column with adjustments of departure and tilt, tinted heat-insulating glazing, driver's seat with height adjustment, central locking.

If we talk about passive safety, it is worth mentioning that the body frame is additionally reinforced in critical places. In an accident, the main part of the impact energy is absorbed by the longitudinal bars of the frame, and the interior remains almost intact. Two front airbags and pyrotechnic emergency tensioners for the front seat belts are also standardly installed.

By the way, an additional security measure appeared on the folding back of the rear seat; the back locks are locked with a key so that the thieves in the parking lot could not, breaking the glass, get into the trunk from the cabin. And from the outside, the boot lid is unlocked using an electric lock - not by a mechanical key, but by pushing a button hidden from the dirt under a rubber gasket. Similarly done on the "five" BMW.

In addition to the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions are available, which have the designation 4Motion. Four-wheel drive gives confidence and improves the handling and controllability of the car on a wet and slippery and snowy road.

In 2005, an entirely new fifth generation Jetta replaced the VW Bora.

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