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Volkswagen Beetle, popular and beloved by many today, in 1938, opened not only the first page of its history, but also the main page of the history of the Volkswagen concern that is famous today. "Beetle" was the first Volkswagen car. Since the beginning of the Second World War, its production was suspended, and the Volkswagen plant itself was engaged in the implementation of military orders. And only in 1946, through the efforts of Porsche, Beetle production was restored and put on the conveyor. The company's policy was simple - the release of one model - "Beetle." This strategic plan allowed us to constantly improve the car produced, at the same time expanding production and establishing a service network. The following facts confirm the correct way of the chosen policy: in October 1951, 250 thousand cars were produced, in July 1953 - half a million, the first million was released by August 1955, the second - by December 1957.

As for the technical side of the question, the “Beetle” could reach a speed of 90 km / h, and its 25 hp. were removed from the engine in 1.1 liters. He had a large comfortable cabin, steering wheel with two spokes, chrome bumpers and wheel hubs.

By 1951, the "Beetle" was exported to 29 countries of the world. The technical equipment of the car improved markedly. Engine capacity increases to 1.2 liters, and power up to 22 kW. A steering shock absorber has been added, all gear stages have been synchronized, and semaphores have been removed from the central pillars.

In 1954, another engine upgrade took place. Power increases to 36 hp and speed up to 108 km / h.

From 1956 - 1959 significant changes occur in the cabin and appearance of the Beetle. Improved design of the driver's seat, now it has three degrees of fixation, it has become more comfortable and comfortable. Improving cabin noise insulation. The volume of the gas tank is increased, the rear window gets a rectangular shape, fixed door handles appeared.

1960 - all models receive a 34 hp motor. and a fully synchronized gearbox. New design of the windshield washer reservoir, low / high beam, changed the shape of the fuel tank, which led to an increase in the luggage compartment.

In 1961, the engine was reconstructed, and its technical performance improved markedly. Now the maximum speed increased to 116 km / h, engine capacity up to 1.5 liters, and power up to 45 hp "Beetle" gets new taillights. On the export model begin to install the fuel level indicator, replacing the backup tank.

1965 - the ten-million "Beetle" comes off the assembly line. There is a new model VW 1300 - with a motor 1,3L 34 hp Behind her in 1966 saw the light of the VW 1300 A, Cabrio - 1.2 liters, 34 hp; VW 1300A, VW 1300 - 1.3 liters 40 hp; VW 1500, Cabrio - 1.5 liters 44 hp

1967 - at the request of the car owner a semi-automatic transmission could be installed on the car. Appear safety steering column, dual-circuit braking system and 12-volt electrical equipment.

1970 to the existing range of "Zhukov" adjoins the VW 1302. In the palette of its engines include: 1.3 liters. 44 hp or 1.6 l. 50 hp And the main differences are: increased wheelbase, front suspension, rear wishbones and a trunk increased to 260 liters.

In 1972, the VW 1302 replaces the VW 1302. It is distinguished from its predecessor by a new instrument panel and a convex panoramic windshield. Two years later, this model will install the engine with fuel injection.

In 1978, the last "Beetle" is assembled in Germany. Now the production of "beetles" remains only outside Europe in Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. But after 10 years there will be only one of them, in Mexico. There will be born new models, to create improved engines.

In 1992, the VW plant in the Mexican city of Pueblo collected the 21-millionth "Beetle" - a record that is unlikely to ever be broken.

And in 1995, the Mexican Beetle exported to Germany. The attention of German motorists presented model VW 1600i, characterized by a variety of colors, complemented by heated rear window and the steering wheel with airbag. It was installed on the engine with a gasoline injection system and a regulated catalyst.

Since 1998, in the Mexican Pueblo began to produce New Beetle. This series included several different modifications. For example, the VW New Beetle Turbo S is equipped with a 1.8 liter turbo engine, with a capacity of 180 liters. with. and paired with a six-speed gearbox. The car received new 17-inch wheels with tires in size 225/45-ZR17, new front and rear bumpers, made in a sporty style.

In 2003, the decision to cease production of Beetle was made. In honor of this event, Volkswagen released a commemorative series called "Ultima Ediction". It comes in a limited edition of 3000pcs and is intended only for sale in Mexico. July 30, 2003 the last Volkswagen Beetle left the conveyor. On this the story of its production was completed. This "Beetle" in color Harvest Moon Beige was in Avtomuzey in the city of Wolfsburg.

"Beetles" conquered the world with a combination of extraordinary appearance with reliable simplicity, its absolute harmony!

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