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AvtoVAZ began preparations for the release of this car in 2006.

Pazansky VAZ: Lada Priora.

A year later, the light saw the serial version. Lada Priora, which received an index of 2170, was created on the basis of the sedan Lada 110, from which Priora borrowed a platform, engine and other parts. The exterior of the "dozens" remained only a side view and four doors, the latter, according to the manufacturer, became wider by five millimeters, for which new stamps were needed at the factory. In general, the manufacturer announced more than a thousand new parts, one way or another have changed their design. New optics front and rear, new hood, trunk, bumper, fenders and other exterior elements. The wheels of the Lada Priora are “shod” in tires of the Kama plant “Kama Euro” with the dimension of 185/65 R14.

Vaz priora

To develop the interior of the Lada Priora was attracted Italian studio Corcerano. Interior design is made in a modern style, the level of ergonomics meets international standards. In the interior decoration applied modern materials. In this case, the upper part of the interior is made in light, the lower - in darker colors. There are several options for the color combination of interior decoration. Two-color door upholstery with pockets for small things and fabric inserts harmoniously fit into the overall style of the interior. On the armrest of the driver's door there are buttons for controlling the power windows, a joystick for electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, and buttons for the central locking. In accordance with international standards, the keys of the windows are designed in such a way as to exclude accidental pressing. Between the front seats is an armrest with two niches for small items. A similar detail of the interior is applied on Lada cars for the first time. On the upholstery in the front there is a console with a canopy for individual lighting of the driver and front passenger seats. Also here is a shelf for glasses.

The controls on the dashboard are conveniently located and readable. In the center is a window for reading the on-board computer. There you can see the electronic odometer, average and instantaneous fuel consumption, hours, average speed, etc. The original lighting control module is located to the left of the steering wheel and combines the parking lights, low beam and fog lamps, as well as the rollers for controlling the electric headlamp and adjusting the brightness of the instrument lighting. The boot release button moved to the central tunnel closer to the gearshift lever. The luggage compartment, by the way, is large, as much as 430 liters, but it can be opened either from the passenger compartment or from the button on the key fob of the alarm; a separate button for unlocking on the trunk lid itself is not provided. The center console is adapted to the installation of both DIN and 2DIN audio systems.

Under the hood is familiar with the VAZ-21104 1.6-liter 16-valve engine with 98 horsepower. The 5-speed transmission received enhanced grip, designed for the transmission of torque of 145 Nm. In the gearbox began to install sealed bearings with extended service life. The use of a vacuum brake booster of increased dimensionality reduces the force on the brake pedal and increases the efficiency of the brake system. New racks front and rear suspensions, combined with carefully selected characteristics of shock absorbers and stabilizers can achieve high levels of manageability and stability. The maximum speed of the Lada Priora with a driver and one passenger is 183 km / h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h - 11.5 seconds. According to the norms of toxicity, the motor now meets the standards of Euro 3 and even Euro 4. This became possible due to the displacement of the catalyst closer to the engine, now it heats up faster and the process of catalyzing harmful substances starts going much faster.

Vaz priora

Basic configuration "Norma" includes: driver's airbag, electric power steering, armrest between the front seats, central locking with remote control, height-adjustable steering column, electric front windows, immobilizer, on-board computer, clock, two head restraints for rear passengers, rear seat backrest with armrest and headlight range control. Priora has received a modern heating and ventilation system, which allows maintaining an optimal microclimate in the cabin, and provides quick defrosting and fogging of glasses. All cars of this family are equipped with athermal windows and electric rear window. Active security in the configuration "Norma" did not pay attention. The ABS and brake force distribution systems (EBD) are present only in the “Lux” version, which appeared in 2008. Options "Suite" is also supplemented with air conditioning, power windows on all doors and a second airbag for the front passenger and seat belts with pretensioners. The richly customized version can be recognized externally by the front fog lamps, alloy wheels, parking sensors, as well as the exterior mirror housings, which are painted in body color and equipped with a heating system.


Simultaneously with the new bundle, the Lada Priora appeared in the hatchback body.

More than 52% of Lada Priora body parts are made of galvanized metal or low alloy steels. For the manufacture of parts that are most susceptible to corrosion (such as wheel arches, sills, elements of the body floor), steel with a double-sided hot-zinc coating is used. In combination with modern methods of anticorrosion treatment of the body and paint, the guaranteed resistance to penetration corrosion is ensured for 6 years.

In 2009 AvtoVAZ is preparing to release a Lada Priora in a station wagon.

September 27, 2013 in the framework of Motor Show Motor Show, which was held in the city of Togliatti, the VAZ company presented an updated version of the Priora model.

Vaz priora

Restyling did not introduce significant changes in the appearance of the model, but new details and touches are present. Now Priora in all body versions is equipped with headlights with daytime running lights (turn on automatically when turning in the ignition key), tail lights and brake lights with LEDs for the sedan and hatchback. The cars also received a rear bumper of a different design with an energy-absorbing insert and a mesh structure of the grille lining. The rest of the updated Priora has retained its former appearance, recognizable body contours and overall characteristics.

The model is available in four body versions (wagon, coupe, sedan and hatchback). The length of the sedan is 4350 mm (wheelbase - 2492 mm), in turn, the hatchback is slightly shorter - 4210 mm. The width of both options is the same and is equal to 1680 mm, but the height is different again: the sedan just below the hatchback is 1,420 mm versus 1,435 mm. The width of the front and rear wheels of all body modifications is the same: 1,410 mm at the front and 1,380 mm at the rear. Clearance is 165 mm.

Inside, changes are more noticeable. Employees of the company have worked thoroughly - the interior and functionality of the salon have changed, and obviously for the better. Innovations not only visually graced the interior, but also significantly improved the level of passenger comfort. The new front panel is covered with soft-look plastic and is characterized by increased scratch resistance. Instead of frivolous inserts "under silver", more stylish lining "under piano lacquer" appeared.

The doors of the car, in addition to new upholstery, got reinforced safety bars. At the top of the center console, a 7-inch touch-screen display of the entertainment system appeared, which in cheap versions is replaced with a screen duplicating the readings of the on-board computer. The new three-spoke steering wheel has an attractive shape, and its functionality has been enhanced by other steering column switches.

The front seats are brand new: the backrest is 40 mm higher, so the load is distributed more evenly, the sled travel is increased by 20 mm, the heating has become three-band. An ergonomic armrest appeared between the front seats.

Vaz priora

According to the developers of the model, the updated Lada Priora in the cabin has become much quieter (work has been done to improve acoustic comfort).

As an option for the restyled version, you can order cruise control with a speed limit, Stability, climate control and a number of other options.

Only the trunk remained unchanged, for the sedan its capacity is kept at 430 liters, while the base volume of the hatchback is 360 liters, but it can increase to 705 liters.

Significant changes were made to the rear and front suspension of the car - now the chassis is much less prone to breakdowns and has become more assembled. The steering received a more powerful and modern electromechanical amplifier, and the steering wheel became what is called shorter (the gear ratio was reduced from 3.9 to 3.1).

The most important and interesting update in terms of technical equipment is the expansion of the range of available engines, which is replenished with a new flagship. In this case, we note that the two previously used gasoline engines have not changed and migrated under the hoods of the updated family in its previous form.

The role of the junior power unit, as before, was entrusted with the execution of a 4-cylinder in-line engine with a transverse layout. The total cylinder capacity of this unit is 1.6 liters or 1596 cm3. The engine is equipped with an 8-valve timing mechanism, as well as a fuel injection system with an electronic control unit. The engine meets the environmental standards of Euro-3 and uses gasoline of a grade not lower than AI-95 as fuel. The maximum power of this engine is 87 hp, developed at 5100 rev / min. As for the torque, its peak falls on the mark of 140 Nm, achieved at 3800 rpm. The low-end engine allows the Priora to accelerate to a maximum of 176 km / h, while spending about 12.5 seconds on starting acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h. Fuel consumption has remained the same - in a mixed drive mode, the car consumes about 7.3 liters per 100 km.

Vaz priora

An intermediate option has now become a former flagship. This 4-cylinder gasoline engine has the same 1.6-liter working volume, but due to equipping it with another timing mechanism, which has a 16-valve DOHC type, and reconfigured fuel injection system, its maximum power is increased to 98 hp. developed at 5600 rpm. The peak torque of this power unit is brought to the level of 145 Nm, achieved at 4000 rev / min. The maximum speed declared by the manufacturer at 183 km / h, and the time of starting acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is reduced to 11.5 seconds. In this case, the 98-horsepower engine is also more economical than its younger brother - the average consumption is projected at 7.2 liters, but may increase to 7.4 liters if the car is equipped with an air-conditioning system.

The new flagship, like the two previous engines, has a working volume of 1.6 liters, but it is equipped with a completely new fuel injection system and dynamic supercharging, which made it possible to increase its power to 106 hp developed at 5800 rpm. The torque of the flagship motor at its peak reaches 148 Nm at 4000 rev / min. According to the plant, a car with such an engine under the hood accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds and picks up 183 km / h of maximum speed. The average fuel consumption on the passport is only 6.9 liters.

The transmission for all three engines was originally offered only one - 5 speed manual. But in the fall of 2014, a robotic gearbox was installed on the Priora. While the robot is aggregated only with a 106-horsepower engine.

Priora 2014 is available in three different variations: Standard, Standard and Suite. In the top performance, the model received an ESP stabilization system, a multimedia entertainment system with USB and Bluetooth support, a built-in navigator (GLONASS and GPS), and cruise control as an option.

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