Vaz 2329

VAZ-2329 "Niva Pickup" - in heavy-duty coating Titanium

The VAZ-2329 serial car is an all-wheel-drive pickup truck, a new representative of the Russian all-terrain vehicle family, created on the basis of the Niva units and assemblies. It is produced in small batches by the Pilot-industrial production of AvtoVAZ OJSC.

VAZ-2329 has been manufactured by AvtoVAZ since 2000. Pickup on the chassis of the VAZ 2129 (elongated, but the three-door "Niva"). However, this machine, in addition to the presence of a cargo platform with a tailgate, is distinguished by a rear overhang extended by 300 millimeters (and, accordingly, the total length).

The body is offered with a soft or hard awning for the cargo area and doors in different versions:

high plastic awning - rigidly fixed, with a door

awning motionless - soft, low, rigidly fixed, closed with a bottom flap

low plastic awning - rigidly fixed, with a door.

Low-awning awning VAZ 2329 cars effectively protects the cargo compartment from precipitation and dirt. However, it is securely attached to the body, and the mechanism of plowing it is simple. In the open state, the awning is fixed by gas shock absorbers.

The VAZ-2329 is available in several versions: on the body - in four-seater (with an extended cabin) and two-seater; on the engine - in 1.7-liter and 1.8-liter versions. The salon is designed for a convenient location for 4 people, a spacious and roomy body with a tailgate allows you to carry a wide variety of goods. Thanks to the use of reinforced springs and suspension shock absorbers, the car is able to carry up to 350 kg of cargo in the back.

Permanent 4-wheel drive, the presence of a differential lock and high ground clearance allows you to operate this car in all driving conditions. The car feels confident on dirt and highways, easily overcomes marshy, clay and sandy areas, as well as water barriers up to half a meter. Increased wheelbase makes the car more stable on the road and improves the ride.

Additional fences front and spoilers, safety pads on the sidewall, sunroof, rear window protection, fog lights, air conditioning, extra lights, more powerful engine 1.8 l, exterior mirrors of increased area.

A modification of the VAZ-2329MO is being produced - a rescue vehicle designed to complete the Russian system for warning and dealing with emergencies, as well as to perform various lifting and erection and construction works. The car VAZ-2329MO is completed with a winch and a crane.

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