Vaz 2131

Niva. Niva 5d. Vaz 2131. Long Niva. review after 3 years of ownership.

NIVA VAZ-2131 - all-wheel drive five-door car, a new representative of the family of all-terrain vehicles, retaining all the advantages and advantages of the car VAZ 2121 "NIVA".

The off-road car NIWA 2131 is produced in small series by the Pilot-Industrial Production of AvtoVAZ OJSC since 1995 on the basis of the VAZ-21213 with a platform increased by 500 mm. This car can be successfully operated on dirt and highways, it is easy to overcome marshy, clay, sandy, snow-covered areas, as well as water barriers up to 0.5 meters. Permanent 4-wheel drive, the presence of a differential lock, high ground clearance, small overhangs of the body create the prerequisites for driving in all driving conditions.

The shape of the body with an increased, compared to the 3-door "Niva" base and wide rear doors allowed to increase the comfort of accommodating passengers in the back seat and created all the amenities for their entry and exit. Roomy trunk expands the possibilities of cargo transportation. Increased wheelbase makes cars stable on the road and improves the ride. Thanks to the use of reinforced springs and suspension shock absorbers, the car is capable of transporting up to 300 kg of cargo in the body.

Body color according to the VAZ enamel catalog, combined color, body graphics (application from ZM films). Installation at the request of the client additional fencing front of the car, spare wheel bracket on the tailgate, safety pads on the sidewall, sunroof, fog lights, power steering, seats for sleeping option, more powerful engine of 1.8 liters, preheater, wheels from light alloys, air conditioning, exterior mirrors of increased area, tinted windows, antenna, anti-theft system, luxury cabin and minibar will provide very comfortable conditions when using SRI vehicle.

Since the start of production, modifications of the VAZ-21310 with an engine capacity of 1.7 liters and the VAZ-21312 with a 1.8 liter engine have been produced.

Since 2001, cars with engines with fuel injection have been manufactured. In the model range of JSC "AvtoVAZ" for 2002. VAZ-21310 and VAZ-21312 modifications with a carburetor engine and fuel injection are presented. On request, cars can be equipped with a Peugeot diesel engine with a displacement of 1.9 liters.

2131-02 - modification with a high roof and an increased trunk, in contrast to 2131 by 500 millimeters.

VAZ 2131-05 can be used in regional and rural medical institutions. Spacious and high interior due to the increased rear overhang and roof allows you to freely accommodate the patient, doctors and accompanying. The basic package includes brackets for lighting, electrical connectors for connecting equipment. Additional heater provides the necessary thermal comfort. Installation by request of the radio station, special signals and medical equipment.

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