Vaz 2129

VAZ 2129 Niva 1996.

VAZ-2129 is a four-seat all-terrain passenger car with permanent non-dismountable drive for all wheels, it is an extended 21213, without side rear doors. Produced by the Volga Automobile Plant.

The serial car VAZ-2129 has been produced in small batches by the Pilot-Industrial Production Unit of AvtoVAZ OJSC since 1993. This model, made from the standard 213 model by extending the car body through insertion, consists of only 3 doors, instead of five, in contrast to the VAZ 2131 model. Everything else is almost the same. Carburetor gasoline engine with a displacement of 1700 cm. A contactless ignition system and a Solex carburetor are used. Refinement of the engine, together with changes in the transmission allowed to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Outwardly, the 2129 has practically no differences from the 2130. The difference between the modifications lies in the salons used: in 2129 - the regular seats of the Niva, in 2130 - the seats of the VAZ-2108, also closer to the rear. As a result, the rear passengers of the 2129 were as crowded in the legs as in the usual “Niva”, but there was a big trunk, while the 2130 had the opposite: the ability to extend the legs like in a limousine and the usual trunk corresponding to the VAZ-2121.

VAZ 2129 "Utiliter" - a model made on the OPP VAZ. It differs from the VAZ 2129 only in the absence of the rear seat in general, and the rear side windows barred from the inside. The machine pursues a purely utilitarian goal - to carry a lot of cargo.

Another modification is a pickup truck on the VAZ 2129 chassis. However, this machine, besides having a cargo platform with a tailgate, is characterized by a rear overhang extended by 300 millimeters (and, accordingly, the total length). Available in several versions: on the body - in a four-seater (with an elongated cabin) and double; on the engine - in 1.7-liter and 1.8-liter versions.

Model VAZ-2329 "MS1" - is a rescue vehicle designed to complete the Russian system for warning and dealing with emergency situations, as well as performing various lifting and small-construction works. The car is equipped with a winch and a crane.

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