Vaz 2123

VAZ-2123 Chevrolet-Niva - all-wheel drive passenger car. Chevrolet-Niva is the base model of the new family of off-road vehicles of the joint venture General Motors - AvtoVAZ.

Chevrolet Niva is produced since 2002, but is already considered a landmark achievement of the domestic auto industry.

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In the design of the Chevrolet-Niva SUV, significant changes were made in comparison with the prototypes of the VAZ-2123, which were assembled in the pilot production of the Volga car plant. Keeping all the best features of its predecessor VAZ-21213, the Chevrolet-Niva car has a new bearing body of modern form, a constant drive of all wheels, as well as a number of innovations.

Externally, this is a typical urban SUV - painted "metallic", painted in the body color of the bumper ... The body of the Chevrolet Niva five-door with glued glass, a tailgate (with a spare wheel located on it). The chassis and transmission of the old "Niva" structurally almost did not change - the modernized, life-tested units were used. Here is a list of improvements: the front axle reducer is “untied” from the engine; redesigned drive gear; elongated intermediate shaft; razdatki gear fine gear; front and rear drive shafts are unified.

Quite a spacious cabin freely accommodates five people, has a rear seat folding in parts. Seat adjustments only two, but with the selection of a comfortable posture no problems. Compared with its predecessors, changes were made to the power unit layout, front and rear suspension, and steering. The model in the basic configuration will be equipped with electric power steering and adjustable steering column, immobilizer and central locking, electric front doors, headlight adjustment and radio preparation. For an additional fee, you can get alloy wheels instead of steel, tinted windows, front fog lights, velor interior with heated front seats, two speakers and an antenna, rear headrests and spare wheel cover. An airbag for the driver will be offered as an option.

The build quality of the car makes it talk about it as one hundred percent Chevrolet: all the elements fit tightly to each other and are silently together when moving. The front panel is covered with a pleasant to the touch material, and the fabric upholstery of the seats is varied with colorful inserts. The ventilation control unit consists of three handles, with the help of which it costs nothing to organize in the salon Tashkent or Yakutsk - everything is logical, understandable, and most importantly - efficient. But the most important "manager" - the steering wheel with the Chevrolet emblem - the brightest element of the interior, is adjustable in height. Bagelka resembles a “classic” in diameter, but only it is much more comfortable and pleasant to the touch, and a large hub can easily accommodate an airbag.

In motion, the car is not much different from a simple car. But where the roads end and the directions begin, Niva feels at ease. Which is not surprising: from a technical point of view, the car is much more serious than the proportional "SUV", which is clearly indicated by the presence of the transfer case and the locking of the center differential. The reverse side of the car’s passability is an increased level of noise generated in the depths of the transmission when driving at high speeds, as well as significant vibrations on the gearshift lever.

The first show of the concept car VAZ 2123 on MIMS in 1998

True to accelerate the Chevrolet Niva faster than 135 km / h - not an easy task. But to keep an average of 100-110 kilometers and comfortably move from point A to point B allows. A review of the Chevrolet Niva through the front and side windows is quite sufficient, and the thrust of a quiet engine is enough to find a gap, to flow into the stream.

The brake system has been seriously upgraded, including the design of the master cylinder and brake booster. The changes affected the clutch and gearbox, which replaced the bearings, the gearshift mechanism, as well as all gaskets and seals.

The engine is based on the well-known "21213", it has valve hydropushers and a hydraulic camshaft drive chain tensioner. Sam camshaft with extended phases, which increased the torque at low revs.

In the basic version, the car is equipped with a 1.7-liter injection engine with a capacity of only 80 liters. s., a system of electronic fuel injection and exhaust system with a catalytic converter that meets the requirements of the toxicity standards "Euro-2" and "Euro-3". For a machine with a curb weight of 1.35 tons, such power is too small. And now imagine a Chevrolet Niva with a full load of 1.8 tons. There are 80 l. with. - nothing at all.

In addition, modifications will be developed Chevrolet Niva with a gasoline engine GM and diesel engine FIAT. It is quite natural, given the prospects for sales in foreign markets, that the model needs several modern engines and, above all, a diesel engine.

The export version of the Chevrolet Niva (2003) with a more powerful engine from Opel. True, such a machine is much higher.

Since 2003, the color range has been expanded to seven colors. Now the Chevrolet-Niva will be equipped with electric exterior mirrors, cabin air purification filter and fog lamps. Thus, the most affordable version of the Chevrolet-Niva will cost $ 8,500, in the luxury package, $ 9,800. Production is scheduled at 75,000 cars a year.

On a Chevrolet-Niva car, a family of three can quietly go on vacation: there is enough space for things if you fold part of the back seat. At the same time, the driver after several kilometers will feel as comfortable in this car as at home in your favorite slippers. Chevrolet Niva exactly holds the road, despite the minor bumps. So go !!!!!

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