Vaz 2115

2012 VAZ 2115. Review (interior, exterior, engine).

VAZ-2115 Samara-2 - front-wheel drive sedan, the first representative of the updated family of cars "Samara".

VAZ 2115 is the ancestor of the family under the code name Samara-2. The model range includes a 3-door VAZ 2113 hatchback, a 5-door VAZ 2114 hatchback and the VAZ 2115 sedan itself. The Samara-2 family is an upgrade of the VAZ 2108, 2109 and 21099 models, respectively.

In 1997, the VAZ 2115 sedan began to be assembled in the Pilot Industrial Production (OPP), and since 2001, assembly began on the factory conveyor. At the moment, VAZ 2115 is in wide sale, there are three versions: standard (21150-20), standard (21150-21) and luxury (21150-22). At the price of the car occupies an intermediate position between the "Samara" and "tenth" family.

The exterior of the car has changed noticeably - the front and rear parts have been changed, the interior has been updated, while the sidewalls, the doors and the roof have remained the same. The new model is distinguished by the front of the body with the original headlights, a modified form of the hood and front wings, new taillights with an insert between them, body-colored bumpers, trunk spoiler with additional brake light, door moldings, fairings, new trunk lid connector on the floor level. Provided new efficient lighting. Modernization significantly improved, modernized the appearance of the car, as well as improved the aerodynamics of the car.

VAZ 2115 car review

The interior of the VAZ-2115 has become more comfortable, a new, more comfortable and sophisticated instrument panel has appeared, which has a more streamlined and ergonomic shape, illuminated pushbutton switches and control lamps (the so-called "europanel"), an adjustable steering column, a "tenth" steering wheel "family," console "between the front seats. The new design of the heater provides effective heating of the cabin. The onboard warning system of the driver for locking the doors, unfastened seat belts, the ignition key left in the lock, the level of oil and coolant in the engine, and the maximum wear of the brake pads are included in the standard package. The luggage compartment has become more spacious and comfortable, due to the increase in the trunk lid. The power units are similar to the VAZ-21099.

On cars used 1.5-liter gasoline engines as carburetor, and with electronic fuel injection control system with a 5-speed manual transmission. Originally produced modifications with a carburetor engine. In 2001, a VAZ 2115i modification with an injection (VAZ 2111) engine with distributed fuel injection was released. To increase the durability of work and reduce noise at idle, a new clutch disc with an idle damper is provided.

In the model range of AVTOVAZ JSC, a VAZ-2115 modification with a fuel-injected engine with high dynamic qualities, good handling and stability on various types of roads is presented.

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