Vaz 2114

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VAZ 2114 - five-door hatchback of the Volga automobile plant.

The hatchback VAZ-2114 was created in the mid-90s as part of the development of the Samara-2 family. This car is a modified VAZ-21093 with the front part of the well-known model VAZ-2115 (optics, grille, front spoiler) and with a slightly modified rear end design (rear bumper modified). Bumpers painted in body color, side moldings and side skirts are installed on the sides of the body. Inside the VAZ 2114, a new instrument panel (the so-called "europanel"), an adjustable steering column, a steering wheel from the "tenth" family, and a new design heater were installed. With the rear seat folded down, the car is transformed into a cargo-passenger version, similar to the "station wagon". On the car installed electric windows, tinted windows, fog lights, heated seats, central door locking, alloy wheels.

The first copies of the VAZ 2114 were assembled on the factory assembly line in 2000, in 2001 a pilot batch of 50 cars was assembled, and in 2002 it was planned to start mass production in the amount of 30 thousand cars a year. Currently, the VAZ 2114 hatchback is assembled in small quantities at the Pilot Production Facility (OPP) and is already on sale.

The aerodynamics of the VAZ-2114 is similar to the VAZ-2115, in which the Cx slightly decreased, the lift force decreased and its axial distribution improved significantly. The drag coefficient of Cx for the updated hatchback has decreased only slightly - 0.45 against 0.46 for the usual “nine”. But the balance of the lifting forces has changed radically: the total lifting force has slightly increased, but it is now evenly distributed along the axes. This promises a more balanced behavior of the car at high speed.

The car is installed injection engine 1.5 liters. (VAZ 2111) with distributed fuel injection, providing improved dynamic properties and improved fuel efficiency.

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