Vaz 2113

Very expensive VAZ-2113. Anton Avtoman

VAZ 2113 is a front-wheel restyled version of the G-8, the production of which began as part of the Samara-2 project. This five-seat, three-door hatchback became the successor to the popular model VAZ-2108, whose production at the Volga Automobile Plant ceased in 2003. Mass release of the "thirteenth" was adjusted to 2004.

Having preserved the best qualities of the G8, its sharp steering and high-spirited character, the “thirteenth” gained a more modern appearance and interior. The model differs from its predecessors in the front part of the body with the original headlights, a modified form of the bonnet and front wings. Bumpers are painted in body color, moldings and fairings of thresholds are installed on the sides of the body. The rear part, inherited from the VAZ-2109, has remained virtually unchanged. The only exceptions were the bumper and spoiler from the VAZ-2114, which gives the car a swiftness and lightness. For more convenient use external rear-view mirrors have been changed. The size of the doors was increased, though not by much, but it also became a tangible advantage for those who had difficulties with earlier models because of their height and "solidity". Developers have worked hard and to improve the aerodynamic properties.

Inside the VAZ 2113, a new instrument panel ("europanel"), adjustable steering column, steering wheel, upper fastening points of the front seat belts, a combination of instruments from the "tenth" family, a new design heater, which provides very efficient heating, are installed.

VAZ 2113 is completed with 8-valve injection engines with fuel injection of 1.5 liters (VAZ 2111) and 1.6 liters. Both engines meet Euro-2 standards and work in tandem with a 5-speed manual transmission.

VAZ-2113 comes in three configurations: "standard", "norm" and "luxury". Each solution is unique and has its own characteristics. The standard package includes an immobilizer, a neutralizer, a rear window washer-cleaner, an on-board monitoring system with a display unit, an adjustable steering column, an ashtray for rear passengers, and a heated rear window. In the configuration "luxury" added headrests rear seats, on-board computer, anti-glare rear mirrors, athermal glass, dual-tone beeps and fog lights. Air conditioning, power steering, ABS are not provided.

VAZ 2113 - a car checked by time and domestic roads.

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