Vaz 2112

VAZ 2112. Review GANGSTA DVIN style.

VAZ-2112 - a dynamic, comfortable car, characterized by modern design, improved driving performance and a higher level of configuration.

Since 1999, the production of the model VAZ-2112 began with a hatchback shortened to 4170 mm (hatchback volume 400 l), due to which it has a clearer reaction to the steering wheel turn. The “twelfth” has its own, more sporty character of handling, but this car is a great comfort for the best from the “nine” with a similar body type. Since 2000, produced a cheaper version of the VAZ-21122.

The car combines all the design features and the "stuffing" of the VAZ 2110, and the rear seat of the station wagon 2111. While maintaining all the positive qualities of the LADA 110, this car has additional advantages: with a small body length, it is possible to increase the small luggage compartment when the rear seat is folded. The back of the rear seat is divided into 2 parts, which can be folded independently of each other, thereby preserving the convenience of the "station wagon" when transporting small loads.

A set of standard equipment includes a sunroof, power windows, immobilizer, central locking, electric trunk lid lock actuator, electric front seat heating, “Lux” salon (as AvtoVAZ calls the usual “desyatochny” velor interior) and other important trifles. Additionally, according to your desire, power steering, anti-lock braking system can be installed.

The front and rear suspensions, combined with a light rack and pinion steering mechanism and 14-inch ventilated front brakes, provide pleasant handling and precision for your teams. On all cars the steering column installed on a tilt angle is established.

Car systems are designed in such a way that they provide reliable operation without problems at temperatures ranging from -40 to +45 C. In this car, you will not be defenseless against the elements in any habitable point of the globe. In the most severe frosts, an effective heater provides a temperature in the cabin of 20 C. Light engineering is effective even in a dark night and in heavy fog.

This car uses an engine with electronically controlled multi-point injection (for each cylinder has its own nozzle) and an electronic ignition system. 1.5-liter engine with 16 valves, twin-shaft cylinder head, providing increased performance in power (69 kW) and torque (130 Nm), allowing the car to have improved dynamic qualities The 16-valve 94-horsepower engine allows you to accelerate to a speed of 185 km / h. The low aerodynamic coefficient Cx = 0.3 contributes to this to a large extent.

The following modifications are produced: VAZ-21120 with a 16-valve engine with distributed fuel injection with 14-inch tires and a version of the VAZ-21122 with an 8-valve engine with distributed fuel injection with 13-inch tires. Both engines have a working volume of 1.5 liters. There is also a version of the VAZ-2112i (injector).

The following vehicle versions are available: VAZ-21120 - 01 "norm" and 02- "lux", VAZ-21122 - 00 "standard", 01- "norm" and 02- "lux".

In October 2003, the production of a VAZ-21123 car began at the sites of one of AvtoVAZ’s partners, Avtokomplekt. VAZ-211223 - three-door hatchback family VAZ-2110 ("coupe"). This company is engaged in the implementation of the only Bet-ta company in Togliatti. During this year, several such machines have already been assembled - for exhibitions and trials. Since October, began the production of piece machines.

The novelty is actually assembled manually on the basis of the usual “twelfth” modification, and its basic configuration also repeats the model VAZ-2112. From the standard hatchback three-door coupe will differ mainly in the presence of all three doors instead of five. However, this factor entailed significant changes in the character of the car. For example, the exterior of the car has become much more sporty and impetuous, which is clearly lacking in other models of the "tenth" family, especially the sedan. Without a doubt, adds elegance and rear spoiler, which is different from what is put on the "VAZ-2112". There are also new exterior mirrors.

The doors have become wider by two hundred millimeters. This will be appreciated by “respectable” people who are hard-pressed into the standard “ten” or “twelfth”. For the passage to the back seat, the backrests are folded in the same way as in 2108. And even if the doorway is "one hundred and twenty-third", a little bit of an "eight", the rear passengers will not feel this thanks to the almost vertical center pillar. (At the VAZ-2108, it is tilted forward - a style decision - that when entering the backseat gives some inconvenience.) Weighted doors have strong, cast new hinges, which, by the way, will soon be installed on all cars of the "tenth" family.

The technical effect of the abolition of the two doors - a more rigid body. The numbers are still being clarified, but it is already clear that the coupe is much harder to twist than the five-door “twelfth”. Of course, we had to sacrifice a little bit of smoothness - the body stopped “playing”, softening the jolts, but the handling improved noticeably. This also contributes to a stiffer suspension.

The suspension is noticeably tougher than the standard one, but for a real one, the combat vehicle is still soft. However, the coupe created even for vigorous, but still normal operation, and not for rally. Steering "elastic", strict, clear, reminiscent of the "eight". In any case, the difference with the "twelfth" is very noticeable.

The simplest “standard” equipment with a VAZ-2112 engine and 14-inch wheels is aimed at business people who, as a rule, use only one or two seats (the back seat, however, is present “just in case”). Only the definition of “cheap” is not about this model - the car, though unpretentious from a technical point of view, but a small-scale exclusive is always more expensive than a mass product. But depending on the nature and consistency of the client, the machine will be equipped with everything that the soul wishes. A choice of: wheels 14 and 15 inches, several options for the seats - the standard "tenths", the original bucket type and even the brand "Recaro", air conditioning, power steering. A little later, there will be a version of the "sport" - with an increased motor volume and 195 / 55R15 tires.

In addition to the conventional version of the three-door hatchback, Avtokomplekt is also ready to launch a more powerful modification of the new VAZ-21128, which is already equipped with a 1.8-liter injection engine, and which has been tuned by car tuning experts. At the same time, the car differs from the basic version not only by the technical stuffing, but also by the interior design and even by some changes in the exterior. The engine is installed on a subframe to make the ancestor even tougher and "sharpen" the steering. At the same time, a side effect will also appear - the vibrations transmitted from the engine to the body will be somewhat reduced. The cost of this modification is not precisely defined - it may vary depending on the level of equipment and a set of alterations.

According to ladaonlilne, about 10 VAZ-211223 cars have already been assembled and about the same number is at the manufacturing stage. The cost of the VAZ-21123, given its almost "manual assembly" is still quite high. In the basic configuration, it is about 260 thousand rubles. The "base" includes almost the same equipment as the usual VAZ-2112 hatchback.

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