Vaz 2111

VAZ 2111 2006. Car review

VAZ-2111 - the first front-wheel VAZ wagon.

Since 1998, the assembly of the five-door station wagon VAZ-2111 has been expanding. This is a "family" car for traveling around the city and for traveling, as well as it is an indispensable statnet for those who often have to carry small loads of goods. Obvious advantages and advantages are increased comfort, smooth ride and stability on the road.

The volume of their luggage compartment (with a total capacity of 500 kg) varies from 490 to 1,420 liters. This is possible due to the fact that, if necessary, the rear seats can be folded so as to get a flat horizontal floor, and the back, like on imported counterparts, can be decomposed in a 1: 2 ratio, and then it is convenient to carry bulky cargo and passengers. Additionally, you can place 50 kg of cargo on the roof rack.

The lounge can accommodate 5 people. Landing on the driver's seat makes it equally convenient to drive a car to both miniature women and respectable tall men (188 cm).

It is possible to tow a trailer equipped with brakes weighing up to 1000 kg. Reliable body withstands long-term operation on any kind of roads - this is confirmed by the most severe tests in Russia. The body of the VAZ-2111 is mounted on the carrier frame by means of rubber-metal elements, attached to the frame at ten points. Frame construction allowed to increase strength and durability, reduce noise and vibration in the cabin. Thanks to the elongated base and independent rear suspension, the car’s behavior at high speeds has become more confident, and the ride is smoother and softer. On all cars the steering column installed on a tilt angle is established. Rear disc brakes.

about VAZ 2111, pros and cons

Vehicle systems are designed in such a way that they provide reliable operation without problems in the temperature ranges from -40 ° C to + 45 ° C. In this car, you will not be left defenseless in front of the elements in any inhabited part of the globe, since there are two unique systems installed here - SAUO and BSK. The first (automatic heater control system) automatically warms up the cabin, maintaining the set temperature, the second (on-board control system) monitors the levels of technical fluids, the state of the brake pads, the health of light bulbs in the exterior lighting system and even the correctness of closing the doors, notifying the driver about the fault special signals. In the conditions of high mountains the engine keeps high rates, at the same time the car is capable to overcome rises in 34%. The clutch of increased dimensionality has high performance and durability.

The engine on this car can be used one of two options: with electronically controlled multi-point injection (for each cylinder has its own nozzle) and an electronic ignition system. The engine capacity of 1.5 liters, with 8 valves provides sufficient performance power (56kW) and torque (118 Nm) with moderate fuel consumption. Engine capacity of 1.5 liters, with 16 valves, twin-cylinder head, providing increased performance in power (69 kW) and torque (130 Nm), allowing the car to have improved dynamic qualities. All station wagons are equipped with a “short” main pair (3.9 instead of 3.7 at the VAZ-2110). With the total weight increased by 20 kg, the smoothness of the ride compared to the sedan even increased.

VAZ-2111 is available in three versions - the base 2111 with an injection engine, 21111 with a carburetor engine, and 21113 with a sixteen valve engine and 14-inch wheels. Basic VAZ-2111 (sedan VAZ-21102) with a 1.5-liter engine VAZ-2111; VAZ-21111 with a conventional 1.5-liter engine VAZ-21083; VAZ-21113 with a 16-valve power unit VAZ-2112 and improved brakes (similar to the sedan VAZ-21103).

The car VAZ-2111-90 "Tarzan 2" - all-wheel drive car with 4x4 wheel formula. The power unit, transmission and chassis used from the VAZ-21213. "Tarzan 2" combines the comfort and convenience of the VAZ-2111 and cross-country vehicles "Niva".

The following options are available - "standard" (VAZ-21110-00 and VAZ-21113-00), "norm" (VAZ-21110-01 and VAZ-21113-01) and "luxury" (VAZ-21110-02 and VAZ -21113-02).

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