Vaz 2110

My top improvements for the VAZ 2110 first

VAZ-2110 is a front-wheel drive car of a new generation with a sedan of the Volga car plant.

The ancestor of the new generation of front wheel drive cars - the VAZ 2110 sedan has been in serial production since 1996. Unlike previous models in the car VAZ-2110 laid new original development: the use of galvanized metal for body parts that are most exposed to corrosion, mount the hood on gas stops, adjustable steering column, on-board control system, immobilizer, gasoline vapor recovery system, ventilated brake discs and a number of other innovations. It is possible to install the air conditioner, which is partly equipped with the machines. According to their price characteristics, the cars belong to the upper segment of the price range of VAZ cars.

At first, the “top ten” was completed only with short-stroke carburetor 1.5-liter 69-horsepower VAZ-21083 engines, which together with a high degree of unification of a number of components and assemblies (unfortunately, not all) with the cars already produced somewhat simplified the owners of the first " a dozen "their operation and maintenance. Although the problems with the "original", and therefore scarce parts (for example, the expansion tank, front struts, etc.) were not enough. But the operational characteristics: the maximum speed of 162 km / h and the average fuel consumption of 7.5 l / 100 km are significantly improved (by 12%) compared with the model 21099, mainly due to a decrease in the drag coefficient. Currently, the carburetor engine has given way under the hood to a new generation of engines with distributed fuel injection and electronic control.

The model with an 8-valve 79-horsepower engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters and a distributed fuel injection has a VAZ 21102 index. This engine provides sufficient performance in power (56 kW) and torque (118 Nm), with moderate fuel consumption. The maximum speed of such a car reaches 170 km / h, and acceleration to the "hundred" takes 14 seconds. Cars with this engine, due to its high elasticity and high tensile strength, are especially good when traveling in conditions of heavy urban traffic.

For more active drivers on the basis of this engine, a 16-valve version with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine was developed. capacity of 94 hp, with two-cylinder cylinder head, providing increased performance on power (69 kW) and torque (130 Nm), allowing the car to have improved dynamic qualities. A car equipped with such a motor has a VAZ 21103 index, the maximum speed is already 185 km / h, and it only takes 12.5 seconds to accelerate to the "hundred". These modifications on the roads are becoming more common, as well as the 2-liter 150-strong versions of the VAZ-21106 The STi are quite economical, expressive and expensive. Still, the Opel X20XEV engine with a two-shaft 16-valve cylinder head and a point injection system allows you to accelerate to 205 km / h. With him, the hundred-kilometer barrier is overcome in just 9.5 seconds. There is also a 240-strong (!) VAZ-21107 "Rally" 2.0 V16 with a special roll cage of safety built into the body. Its maximum speed is 220 km / h, and the acceleration time to 100 km / h takes only 7 seconds! But they make it individually, only on the orders of athletes, and it costs - like foreign rally cars: expensive (22 thousand dollars). I must say that some domestic tuning companies create (even without the use of expensive imported components) quite successful speeds or, on the contrary, comfortable versions of the "tens", the dynamics, the controllability of which is significantly improved when driving. There are also all-wheel drive versions of the "dozens" of sports or all-terrain orientation, but they are either experimental, or small-scale, and therefore expensive.

Modern interior design (which is still not as neat as foreign analogs), good aerodynamics, spacious luggage compartment (480 l) with wide transformation possibilities (rear hatch and trunk lid, reaching the bumper, allow you to carry long loads) a high degree of maintainability is all in favor of the VAZ-2110.

The front-wheel-drive “tenth” family from Togliatti, designed from the sheet, is, of course, a new word in the domestic automotive industry. Compared to the previous models of VAZ, the softness, smoothness and stability of the course increased (for which you had to pay more steering rudderness, which, however, is permissible for a higher class, which included a dozen). Improved efficiency. But at the same time - the lack of options, incompleteness, poor-quality components. Until the "world level" oh how far! In addition, due to the "soft" suspension and 13-inch wheels, the car constantly clings to the road by the insufficiently strong factory protection of the engine tray. Everything indicates that the ideal balance between driving comfort and handling for a domestic car has not yet been found.

In the model range of AVTOVAZ JSC 2002 there are VAZ-21102 and VAZ-21103 modifications. The following options are available - "standard" (VAZ-21102-00), "norm" (VAZ-21102-01 and VAZ-21103-01) and "luxury" (VAZ-21102-02 and VAZ-21103-02).

Distinctive features: modern design and interior of the car, improved performance characteristics of the VAZ-2110 to meet the new increased demands of the automotive market. In addition to the standard equipment, the “norm” includes power windows, body paint with metallic enamels, velor seat and door upholstery, and head restraints in the back seat. The luxury cars are additionally equipped with 14-inch cast wheels, an on-board computer, a heated seat for the front seats, exterior electric mirrors and heated rear-view mirrors, and fog lamps.

In addition to the main mass models, small-scale models are produced: the “charged” sedan VAZ 21106, the stretch sedan 21108 Premier, the limousine 21109 Consul. VAZ subsidiaries also offer various modifications, as Bronto manufactures armored versions of a sedan and a stretch. In single copies, the coupe 21106K and all-wheel drive 4x4 VAZ 2111x station wagon Lada Tarzan 2 are produced. The tuning companies offer original sets of attachments for body tuning: Lada-Ledi, Nika, Courage, Tornado, Sprint, Lada BIS.

In the near future, the "tenth" family listed update appearance (restyling). So now OPP VAZ produces modernized sedans under the legend: 2110M and 2110T.

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