Vaz 21099

Review CLEAR 21099 with mileage 35.000km. Wheelbarrow for real guys.

The VAZ-21099 Sputnik / Samara Forma model is a four-door sedan of the Volga Automobile Plant.

Model VAZ 21099 produced since 1990. "Ninety-ninth" is, in essence, a "nine" with a four-door sedan. The final model of the Samar family differed from its older sisters in overall length, which, due to an increase in the rear overhang, increased by 200 mm relative to other vehicles of the family. In this model, the original grille, hood and front fenders were made without a plastic “mask”, and the interior was notable for a new panel (popularly called “high”) with a tachometer in the instrument cluster. Subsequently, these decisions were transferred to the whole Samara family. Before the release of the LADA 110 family of cars, this model was the most prestigious and popular. Advantages and advantages of VAZ-21099 cars, as well as all models of the Samara family: high speed, good handling and stability on various types of roads. Additional advantages gives a 3-volume body with a spacious trunk.

VAZ 21099 - front-wheel drive sedan with a gasoline engine of 1.5 liters and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Model VAZ-21099i with an economical 1.5 liter engine with a distributed fuel injection (injector) that meets international standards on the toxicity of the exhaust system. Equipping the panel includes an original instrument cluster, illuminated switches that provide electric control of power windows and door locks. The on-board monitoring system notifies the driver about the performance of individual vehicle components. Included with the new panel is a steering column with an adjustable tilt angle. A more comfortable fit for the driver and passengers will ensure the use of a new material for the seat cushions and the adjustment of the seat belt anchorage points. Installing fog lights optimizes the car's lighting characteristics in inclement weather. VAZ-21099 maintains dignity, regardless of external circumstances. Positively responding to the tightening of environmental requirements, and striving to increase comfort for its potential owners, the plant installs on the VAZ-21099 a more economical engine with distributed fuel injection that meets international standards on toxicity of the exhaust system with a neutralizer.

Since the start of production, modifications with carburetor and injection engines with a displacement of 1.3 liters (VAZ-210993) and 1.5 liters (VAZ-21099) have been produced in different years. The following versions are available for cars with carburetor engines - "standard" (VAZ-21099-00), "norm" (VAZ-210992-01) and "luxury" (VAZ-21099-02), for cars with distributed fuel injection - "standard" (VAZ-21099-20), "norm" (VAZ-210992-21) and "luxury" (VAZ-21099-22).

Currently, the VAZ-21099 is still considered one of the most prestigious domestic models and is still highly rated on the market as the most convenient and now familiar and practical car. Suffice it to say that on this, in principle, urban sedan, you can still regularly go to the country. The price of the VAZ-21099, already initially high for the domestic compact car, hints that the car is not intended to transport goods to the market. But for the representatives of the "middle class" (especially those who suffered from the crisis), the "ninety-ninth" is just a great option. The car is quite representative, versatile (the back of the back seat, albeit not in parts, but leans back, allowing you to carry long loads). Moderately decent domestic upholstery materials available for the plant do not deter "our" consumer with their imperfections.

However, given the rank of the model, get ready to overpay! If this is the "Satellite" VAZ-21099 - pay a little less, if it is re-export Samara Forma - a little more. If the seller is young, and his “car” is covered with stickers and stuffed with “toys”, like a mini-market showcase, then it’s better to estimate not only the age and wear of the car, but its possible criminal past (the model was long in the lead in the country for “stealing”). The re-export Samaras that are on the market must be equipped with a catalytic converter of exhaust gases (beware of leaded gasoline!), Which has been installed since 1993. Among all the engine versions, the most preferable will be the standard 1.5-liter 70-strong carburetor, whose repair services have been mastered, thank God. However, the 1.3-liter 64-horsepower carburetor engine is still very popular due to the prevalence of the VAZ-2108 and the VAZ-2109 (its only significant drawback is the danger of bending the valves when the camshaft drive belt is broken). Regarding the feasibility of a new-fashioned fuel injection system and its repair, there are still doubts for some reason due to some high cost and unreliability of the electronic unit, which controls this injection. Although, I must admit, the prevalence of spare parts for the injection system (at least in the capital), as well as the possibilities for its repair, are steadily increasing. The advantages of the injection compared to the carburetor - stability, efficiency and environmental friendliness - are obvious. Moreover, recently more and more cars with an "adapted" injection system without a neutralizer go to the domestic market, which makes it possible to operate it on leaded gasoline.

The “sharp” steering, which is so characteristic of all cars of the first front-wheel-drive VAZ generation (also referred to as “chisel”), on the ninety-ninth is somewhat blurred by the greater valority of the elongated sedan in turns. Stiffer suspension is not worse and not better than many cars. Therefore, driving comfort is not the best thing about this car. However, the seats are soft, the ceiling is the same, and everything else is made of rubber and polyurethane foam, so this sedan among all compatriots is also safe inside ...

As opposed to the VAZ-21099, for use in utilitarian purposes, it is possible to consider the five-seater five-door VAZ-2109F “Shuttle”, originally intended for the transport of small consignments. However, due to the low carrying capacity (two people and 300 kg of cargo), the car is perfectly suited as a visiting family car to the country. The car is made on the basis of a hatchback, so the list of standard equipment is almost no different from the VAZ-2109 and VAZ-21093. The height of the roof of the plastic top is 1900 mm. Coupled with front-wheel drive, allowing good "hold" the road, this car in consumer qualities is head and shoulders above the Izh-2715 vans.

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