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Review test drive Vaz 2109 (chisel)

VAZ-2109 Sputnik / Lada Samara is a front-wheel drive five-door hatchback of the Volga Automobile Plant.

Unlike its G8 “VAZ-2109” companion, Sputnik / Lada Samara is considered as a more “solid” car for a family person - the presence of five doors and, as a result, a less expressive appearance. However, this five-seat hatchback (especially the first years of release) did not escape the fate of being called a “chisel” for the characteristic wedge-shaped contours of the body.

The front-wheel-drive VAZ-2109 began selling in 1987. A more successful modification of the “nine” VAZ-21093 was released in 1990, naturally, with a price increase compared to 2109. A new solution for the front part with a short wing and a separate segment of the front end and radiator was made in connection with the unification with the VAZ- sedan 21099, on which the "long" wings were installed. Salon is identical to other models of "Sputnik". Since the beginning of the 90s, cars in the Lux package have been equipped with a more modern instrument panel with a tachometer and a trip computer. The gamma of engines used was supplemented by a motor with a system of distributed fuel injection, which provides an increase in dynamic properties and improved fuel efficiency. On the part of the production of cars provided for the installation of anti-theft system. Additional amenities create carried out from the driver's seat door locking and electric windows. The on-board control system recalls the seatbelt, incomplete closing of the doors, the ignition key left and the operation of individual components.

The base VAZ-2109 was equipped with a transversely located carburetor 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine with a power of 65 hp, with which a fully loaded car (payload of 425 kg) accelerates to 100 km / h in 18 s and reaches a speed of 156 km / h. It was ceased to be produced since 1997 due to the cessation of production of insufficiently powerful engines of the type VAZ-2108. A more stylish model VAZ-21093 (which is now the only "nine" in the factory program) is equipped with a 72-horsepower 1.5-liter VAZ-21083 engine, which, while maintaining speed and economic parameters for a second, has the best result in acceleration from zero to hundred. . VAZ-21093i - with a 1.5-liter injection engine. Also produced a modification with an engine capacity of 1.1 liters (VAZ-21091).

Very few copies of the VAZ-2109 were equipped with a four-speed gearbox, most of the cars on the market were equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox, which was later installed on all models of the Samara family. Sharp and sensitive, with good feedback, the steering mechanism is reliable enough, but every 50 thousand km of run should be adjusted gearing gear-rake at the service station, but the quality of work must be checked by yourself. There are also variants with a “right-hand drive”, their indices are 21096 (1.3 l) and 21098 (1.5 l). The McPnerson front suspension is somewhat stiff (the rebound is too small), but with a fast ride it provides a stable straight run. Particularly noteworthy are the variants with the cabriolet body, produced by the Tantalus software. However, the reality of the existence of their prototype, and even more of its serial production, is very doubtful.

Car interior can be strictly practical and with a claim to comfort. In the first version - a laconic "low" dashboard, which, nevertheless, is quite convenient. Front seats are equipped with headrests. For the front seats, the upper seat belt anchorages are height adjustable. In the second version, a more informative "high" dashboard provides precise control over the condition of the vehicle’s onboard systems. Installing an improved interior (fabric upholstery, door upholstery with inserts) allows the car to acquire elements of prestige. With the rear seat folded down, the car is transformed into a cargo-passenger version, similar to the "station wagon". An additional advantage is given by the 5-door body, which turns this model into a "family" universal car.

In 1995, the front end again underwent a restyling: the grille stopped melting. The last cosmetic modernization was carried out in mid-1997. The rest of the equipment did not actually change. Plastics in the cabin rattles in the same way as on the first releases of Sputnik.

Since Russia successfully sells re-export hatchbacks of the VAZ-2109 family, models of various versions (L, GL, etc.) and configuration levels can be found on the market. However, the export name Samara can also be written on a typical domestic car, since the panel with the inscription does not have to attach itself for a short time. Be careful: for a used "Sputnik" no longer matters for export to which country it was intended.

The five-door hatchback is currently also produced in the “police version” of the VAZ-2109-90 with a compact two-section 654 cubic Wankel rotary-piston engine - the VAZ-415, which makes it possible to get foreign cars offenders at a speed of 200 km / h. With this power unit, a hatchback with a curb weight of 1015 kg accelerates to 100 km / h in 8 seconds and consumes 10 liters of AI-93 gasoline per 100 km of run. VAZ-21093 tried to resurrect in Finland at the enterprise. The main supplies were destined for Europe, where the rating of the Lada brand, which was not helped by specially prepared Samara 1500i export versions with fuel injection, dropped significantly. But a significant part of the machines was re-exported to Russia (until import duties were raised), then production was curtailed. Due to the relatively high cost of the VAZ-21093 in the domestic market, the standard for Europe equipment and systems that ensure safety (air bag, full-time alarm, catalytic converter) are installed only on request. The cars produced for the domestic market still bring quality, which determined (before the crisis) the transfer of many owners of this car to inexpensive foreign cars. Still, the "nine" - a permanent object of "assault" of tuning companies. The list of options in this case is rich: electric equipment, alloy wheels, four-head lighting system, various aerodynamic and aesthetic body parts for bodywork. Among the advantages are quite high dynamic qualities for domestic cars, excellent handling, stability at high speeds and slippery roads and a low price (in dollars, at least after the crisis).

In the model range of JSC AVTOVAZ 2001-2002 VAZ-21093 modifications with carburetor and injection engines are presented. The following versions are available: for cars with carburetor engines - "standard" (VAZ-21093-00), "norm" (VAZ-21093-01) and "luxury" (VAZ-21093-02), for cars with engines with distributed fuel injection - "standard" (VAZ-21093-20), "norm" (VAZ-21093-21) and "luxury" (VAZ-21093-22).

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