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VAZ 2104 - creator of trash youth / Fighting classics

VAZ-2104 Zhiguli / Lada Nova Break is a five-seat station wagon of the classical layout, belonging to the second generation of the “classics” of the Volga Automobile Plant.

Since the end of 1984, this five-seat station wagon of the second generation of the “classics” replaced on the conveyor a station wagon of the “first” generation - the VAZ-2102, but they were released together for another year.

The Zhigulevskiy station wagon VAZ-2104 remains the most popular domestic light-duty utility vehicle. He enjoys a steady reputation as a family-summer car and delivery van for the urban "tent trade", so perhaps the fashion for him will never pass. The following factors played an important role in this: accessibility of spare parts and service, decent cargo volume of the passenger compartment, relatively modern design (albeit morally obsolete, but for the station wagon this is not the biggest drawback) and relatively low cost. In the basic configuration, the trim is quite austere, as in the base sedan VAZ-2105.

The VAZ-21043 model, produced in parallel with the VAZ-2104, is a more powerful modification with a 1.5-liter VAZ-2103 engine (carburetor 2107) and a five-speed manual transmission VAZ-21074, fully unified with a four-speed gearbox, which makes the car more dynamic and enjoyable to manage.

Some cars, starting from the 90s, are equipped with a VAZ-2107 type dashboard. The cost in this case is somewhat higher. Universals of the VAZ-21047 modification, equipped with radiator grille, a five-speed gearbox, electrical equipment and a saloon with bucket-shaped front seats from the VAZ-2107, are valued even more at the market. In fact, this option can be considered a modification of the "luxury" VAZ-2107 with a station wagon. Modernizations that touched the models of the VAZ-2105 or the VAZ-2106, left aside the "four-wagon", but nevertheless some differences between electrics and power systems are possible on the models 1984, 1988 and 1990.

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Folding rear seat allows you to increase the luggage compartment from 375 to 1340 liters, and then you can carry even a two-chamber refrigerator in the package. But the back of the back seat folds only entirely, because of this it is impossible to simultaneously carry a lengthy load and one or two passengers in the back seat. The body structure allows you to place a long trunk on the roof, but it is not recommended to overload it: the estimated body rigidity of the station wagon is much lower than that of the VAZ-2105 and VAZ-2107 sedans (therefore, there are stampings on the roof panel to enhance rigidity). Full load of the car should not exceed the permissible 455 kg, otherwise, while driving, due to the dynamic loads, the body and the bearing parts deform and break the suspension geometry. Do not get involved in also towing heavy trailers - can "lead" the body. By the way, because of this, you should not overpay for the presence of a tow bar on a used copy. Therefore, when buying a "VAZ" wagon two or three years ago, test the car on the go and carefully (it is advisable to invite a specialist) examine the attachment points of the shock absorbers, levers and power elements of the chassis.

Up to 1994, the lifting rear door on cars was equipped with wipers only in export versions, among which the VAZ-21044 versions with a 1.7-liter engine, often equipped with a central injection system instead of a carburetor and a catalytic converter, have become common. The VAZinterservice company, on the basis of a station wagon, collects a small pickup of a VAZ-21043-33 pickup truck with a lifting capacity of 450 kg. When buying a VAZ-2104, pay attention to the state of the inside of the niche in the trunk, where the spare wheel and fuel tank lie, as well as the condition of the rear door seal. Usually, old, long-repainted re-export cars with "twisted-speedometers and external gloss" give out exactly the hidden cavities, to which the salesman-cheaters "did not reach." In the cars that have completed their life, there are digested parts of the body, and on the spar passing over the rear axle - cracks.The purchase of such machines - wasted money.

Depending on your desire, the VAZ-2104 may be different from the inside. The Spartan version assumes a standard panel with the minimum necessary set of switches and instrumentation, upholstery and seats with standard artificial leather headrests, rubber floor mats. The desire for more comfort will be satisfied by an improved seat upholstery (front - with a high back) from the brushed knitwear, all-molded door linings, and the brushed floor mats. This instrument panel will emphasize this feeling with an additional center console, which have an expanded set of function keys and control equipment, an original steering wheel. But in both cases you are reliably protected by inertial (front and rear) seat belts.

In 1994, the VAZ-2104 with an engine capacity of 1.3 liters was discontinued. Today, the VAZ-21043 with the engine capacity of 1.45 liters, the VAZ-21043-02 with 07 salon and dashboard has become the base model. Not so long ago, a modification of the VAZ-21045 with a diesel engine produced by Barnaultransmash, with a volume of 1.52 liters, a VAZ-21044-40 with central injection, appeared.

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