Vaz 1922

Test Drive Niva Bronto. MARSH-1, all-terrain vehicle.

VAZ-1922 "MARSH" is an all-terrain vehicle with a wheel formula 4x4 on ultra-low pressure pneumatic wheel movers manufactured using components and assemblies of the NIVA-21213 SUV.

The body of the VAZ-1922 is all-metal, three-door, mounted on the frame of the UAZ-469 through rubber pads. It also has a gearbox, transfer case and engine mount. Two fuel tanks with a capacity of 35 liters. each, mounted on the right and left of the frame under the threshold of the body.

Comfortable lounge designed for a convenient location of 4 people. But for the sake of increasing the buoyancy, the rear seat was removed from it (it is installed on request), and the spare tire in its deflated, naturally, condition took its place. But you can order an air conditioner, an additional heater, flashing orange beacons and a portable spotlight finder. The presence of a hydraulic booster makes controlling the snow and swamp vehicle easy and enjoyable. On the perimeter frame, in addition to the "Nivovsky" body, two 45-liter fuel tanks are fixed. The openings under the front suspension are closed with tarpaulin valves. From the "Niva" used and a 1.7-liter carburetor engine, transfer case with a multiple transmission. The spring suspension is taken from the UAZ-3151. Thanks to the ultra-soft wheels, the diagonal hanging practically does not occur, but the load capacity is still limited.

High traffic, economy and comfort allow the super-all-terrain vehicle to move freely in all climatic zones at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to +45 ° C in deep snow and sand, tundra, impassable swampy areas and can also force water obstacles - huge float wheels do not even give him body sills to the water. The original design of elastic thin-wall ultra-low pressure tires with a high-strength cord, developed by NPF "TREKOL", allows the car to move without damaging the upper soil layers and vegetation.

Ecological all-terrain vehicle. VAZ-1922 \

The all-terrain vehicle was successfully certified in GOSSTANDART of RUSSIA and has a certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.MT19.B01013. The certification body for motor vehicles - motor vehicles, spare parts and accessories (OS-NITSIAMT) has confirmed full compliance with GOSSTANDART of Russia.

In 1999, the "Marsh" subdued the North Pole and over the past five years, has become one of the most popular in this class. Thanks to giant wheels and huge plastic mud flaps, the “Marsh” most of all resembles American big feet, but its purpose is not entertaining, but purely practical - to serve as a reliable vehicle in extreme conditions. The car is designed to carry passengers and cargo, for hunters and fishermen, gas workers and oilmen, for all those who love romance, who open new roads, seek and overcome obstacles.

JSC "PSA" BRONTO "carries out a full pre-sale preparation of the car and delivery to the recipient by mutual agreement, as well as guarantees the elimination of any malfunctions and replacement of components that prematurely failed due to his fault within 12 months without limiting the mileage from the date of transfer of the vehicle the buyer, subject to the rules of operation set out in the operating manual and service book.

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