Uaz hunter

This model has replaced the legendary car UAZ-469 (UAZ-3151), which lasted on the conveyor for more than 30 years.

UAZ Hunter through the eyes of a NORMAL driver ... how can I ride THIS ???

Hunter looks like its predecessor, but it was created on a fundamentally new platform. A set of new technical solutions and the use of modern components made it possible to create an economical, dynamic, reliable, sustainable and comfortable SUV. At the same time, the traditional merits of the UAZ were preserved: excellent passability and low price.

Strict military bearing acquired urban gloss and style. New, more modern, aesthetic and safe plastic bumpers with integrated foglights catch the eye. Decorative fenders, crawling on the wings, complement the large 16-inch wheels. Instead of turning the vents, sliding windows are now installed, which improves visibility, ventilation of the cabin and easier access to the rear-view mirrors for their adjustment. The double closed contour of door sealing makes the car interior less noisy, helps maintain the microclimate in the cabin, and prevents moisture penetration. Access to the trunk now opens the swing rear door (side door of the luggage compartment is installed on the version with awning). Looks good and hung on the back of the reserve, hidden in the cover. For a substantial surcharge on Hunter can put alloy wheels and paint the car in metallic.

The car interior has undergone significant changes. The inner space has ceased to be ascetic and allows the driver and passengers to sit comfortably. The front seats of the new design with fabric upholstery received a longitudinal adjustment, which allows you to get comfortable behind the wheel of both tall drivers and people of average height. Despite the fact that the steering column is not regulated either in height or on the flight. There are only three adjustments themselves - backrest tilt, lumbar support adjustment and longitudinal. Adjusting the angle of the back and lumbar support for the front seats help to properly distribute the load on the body and make long-distance travel more comfortable.

Rear passengers can also get comfortable.

Updated UAZ Patriot 2019 150l.s 5MT brutal Russian SUV interior, exterior

Legroom enough for even very tall people. Of the rear seat adjustments, only the backrest tilt is provided. And if desired, they can be omitted to get a bed. For an extra charge, two more seats can be installed in the Hunter luggage compartment. 

Despite the high landing, the steps are not provided. Torpedo is made of dark gray plastic. The speedometer is located somewhere under the steering wheel, so the readings from it are extremely difficult to read, since they are hidden behind the right-hand spoke of the steering wheel and the right steering column switch. On the center console, there are still sensors for oil pressure, battery charging, engine temperature and the amount of fuel in the tanks (there are two of them in Hunter). But it is also difficult to read information from them, since the devices are not deployed to the driver, but are located parallel to the torpedo line.

Designed for use in the harsh Russian winter, Hunter received warm floors covered with carpet. The stove is turned on by pressing the switch under the center console. There are no adjustments of air temperature here - the toggle switch regulates only the blowing force (medium and strong mode). If it is completely cold outside, the driver can open the damper and the warm air will flow directly from the fan into the cabin, which will allow the air to warm up much faster. Blowers are provided only under the windshield and under the instrument panel.

UAZ Hunter is equipped with one of the four engines: the new 16-valve petrol engine ZMZ-409.10 (volume 2.7 liters, power 140 hp) equipped with fuel injection and exhaust gas neutralization systems (meets Euro II standards), Ulyanovsk UMP-409.10 (carburetor, 2.9 liters, power 100 hp), diesel engine ZMZ-5143 (volume 2.24 liters, power 98 hp) Polish turbo diesel 4ST90-Andoria (volume 2.4 liters, power 86 liters. with.). All cars are equipped with a LUK clutch, 5-speed gearbox, helical gearbox, new Spicer axles, front disc brakes. Hunter's front suspension has become spring-loaded, while the rear has remained spring-loaded. This combination allows you to swallow small potholes on the road.

Easy to operate, UAZ Hunter is unpretentious to maintain. Its high dynamic performance, moderate fuel consumption, excellent permeability and large carrying capacity will surely please the future owner.

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