Uaz 469

The same UAZ 469. Part 1.

The UAZ 469 is a four-wheel drive passenger car with a removable soft top, first presented by the Russian automobile company UAZ at the end of 1972. This SUV in the domestic history of the automotive industry has replaced the previously produced model GAZ-69 from GAZ. The body of the UAZ 469 car was based on a torsionally rigid spar frame with crossbars. The very same body was open with the ability to install an awning in case of bad weather.

Under the hood, a UAZ 469 housed a 4-cylinder 2.5 liter UMZ-452MI engine with 75 hp. The same power unit was installed on trucks and vans called UAZ 452 at that time. This engine was powered by A-72 gasoline and A-76. As well as the 452nd model, the UAZ 469 was equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox with synchronizers in the third and fourth gears. It should be noted that, as well as transmissions, and chassis nodes of these two models were unified. The equipment included: dry single-plate clutch, 2-speed transfer case and switchable front axle. The brake system included front and rear drum brakes without any amplifiers.

UAZ 469 for 30 thousand rubles! After 26 years ... again on wheels. A photo of all the works.

The front and rear spring suspension of the car were dependent and included lever hydraulic shock absorbers. Note that there were some innovations that were unusual for the domestic automotive industry, such as, for example, wheel gearboxes with internal gears on the army version of the UAZ 469, which allowed not only to increase the ground clearance from 220 mm, as in the “civilian” UAZ 469B, up to 300 mm, but also to increase the traction capabilities of the machine. In addition, a preheater and shielded electrical equipment were installed on the UAZ 469.

In 1985, the UAZ 469 was upgraded. The SUV received a new 92-strong power unit UMZ-4178.10. The technical part of the car was also improved. Mechanisms such as clutch disengagement and telescopic shock absorbers appeared. As for the transmission, now it was equipped with synchronizers at all four forward speeds. But after these updates, the UAZ 469 received new names, namely, the version with wheel gearboxes, shielded electrical equipment and engine preheater was named UAZ 3151, and the modification without gearboxes, with conventional, unshielded electrical equipment and without preheater, UAZ 31512. the history of the model called the UAZ 469 was completed, and its fame continued with new modifications under the new markings.

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