Uaz 3163 (patriot)

2005 UAZ Patriot

The UAZ 3163 (Patriot) is an all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle from the class of off-road vehicles, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company UAZ in August 2005. The car looks very different from its predecessor - the model UAZ 3162, whose production was discontinued in 2005. Only distant features in the design resemble their kinship. SUV has a modern dynamic appearance. The body of the Patriot 5-door all-metal-type station wagon.

UAZ 3163 (Patriot)

Under the bonnet of the UAZ 3163 there is a 2.7 liter ZMZ-409.10 engine with a capacity of 128 hp. at 4400 rpm. The maximum torque of this power unit - 218 Nm at 2500 revolutions per minute. A new Mikas-11 controller with a misfire control function is now used to control the engine. UAZ Patriot is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox with synchronizers on all forward and reverse gears. The South Korean company Dimos is engaged in the production of transmissions for this model. Also, the car has a two-stage transfer case, which is controlled by one lever, which has four positions: rear-wheel drive in direct gear, all-wheel drive in direct gear, "neutral" and all-wheel drive in downshift transmission. The braking system includes ventilated front disc brakes - two working cylinders, a floating caliper, and rear drum brakes. All models have a master brake cylinder and a vacuum booster company Teves Continental, as well as anti-lock ABS system Bosch.

The front suspension of the UAZ 3163 is a dependent spring equipped with a transverse stabilizer, while the rear suspension, in turn, is based on semi-elliptical low leaf springs. Both suspension systems are equipped with double-acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.

Test drive UAZ Patriot (UAZ-3163) ZENkevich

The interior of the Patriot UAZ is a five-seater with four extra seats that can be installed in the luggage compartment, so that nine people can be accommodated inside the car. The rear seats have two folded positions that allow to transport cargo of different configurations and sizes, and under them is a box for tools and accessories. The trim of the door panels, the saloon, the central tunnel and the seats are all done in the same style. In the continuation of the casing between the front seats installed an additional glove box. On the floor of the body laid a new noise-vibration isolation, and next to the clutch pedal provides a platform-support for the left leg of the driver. The dashboard is equipped with an indication of the operation of the transmission, and the key for the ignition lock is also the key for the door locks. Immobilizer is also provided as standard.

UAZ 3163 (Patriot)

Production of SUVs UAZ 3163 Patriot continues successfully at the present time. It should be noted that this model, having become more comfortable, did not become less practical, and its throughput is only slightly inferior to other UAZ models, mainly due to mounted decorative elements.

Since the start of sales, the car has undergone many changes. So in 2012, the second restyling took place. Transformations in appearance did not happen. All changes have come to the interior. The updated torpedo received a different design for the center console, the designers placed only two deflectors of the heating system instead of three, and also used other control keys, and used plastic inserts of a cold silver color. The design of the panel has also changed from the passenger side, the traumatic rail has disappeared, which in the event of an accident could be a source of serious injury. Power windows buttons carried on the panel, which is located between the front seats, in the same place are the controls for heated seats. Established a more safety chetyrehspitsevoy steering wheel.

Restyled cars also equipped with a modern built-in heating and air conditioning system of one of the leading German manufacturers of climate control systems from SANDEN. The new air conditioner remote controls electric drives of the ventilation and heating dampers, unlike the previous version with mechanical drives (cables).

The role of the audio system was performed by the musical installation "Ural" with a monochrome screen, as well as with a Bluetooth module and a USB input.

In addition to updating the interior there was a replenishment kitting. The main changes came in the basic version of Classic. Radio, electric mirrors and heated, athermal glass, power windows on the front doors - now all these options are already available in the basic configuration.

Updated 2012 Patriot comes with two options for power plants. The base engine was a 2.7-liter engine with a power of 128 hp, a torque of 210 Nm is already implemented at 2500 rpm. The motor is paired with a five-speed manual transmission of the Korean company Dymos, which provides easy and precise switching. Passport fuel consumption per 100 km while driving at a speed of 120 km / h is 14.9 liters. The ceiling speed is 140 km / h.

UAZ 3163 (Patriot)

A more expensive modification is equipped with a new four-cylinder diesel power unit ZMZ 51432, its volume is 2.2 liters. The motor is capable of recoil of 113 hp, a torque of 270 nm is available in the range of 1800-2800 rpm. With such characteristics, the car reaches a speed of 135 km / h. Fuel consumption when driving at a speed of 120 km / h is 12.6 liters.

In the fall of 2014, the automaker subjected the model to the next update. Patriot 2015 model year got a modified design with a new grille, more sophisticated head optics with LED lights and retouched bumpers. In addition, the Patriot 2015 can be recognized by the original rear lights and the spare wheel casing on the trunk lid, rear-view mirrors with integrated direction indicators and other steps. The bumper is now attached to the body, not to the frame, and all the glass, except the door, became glued.

The overall length of the Patriot 2015 is 4,750 mm, the size of the wheelbase is 2,760, width is 1,900, height is 1,910, and the ground clearance (clearance) of an SUV is 210 millimeters. The increased cabin space due to rear seats shifted to the stern by 80 mm reduced the luggage compartment volume by 50 liters. Now the capacity of the trunk is limited to 1,150 liters.

The second row seats have lost their backrest tilt adjustment, but when the front seats are folded (without head restraints) they lie almost flush with the rear sofa, forming a sleeping place. A 12-volt socket and a comfortable curtain appeared in the trunk of the car, and now it’s safer to transport children by adding Isofix attachment for child seats.

The car’s interior has also been modernized several times over the years of production, but the main differences of the 2015 Patriot from the pre-reform version were the emergence of a modern multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen, a rear-view camera and the Navitel navigation system, available, however, only in expensive versions. In general, the interior has become much more modern, and the materials and assembly of the cabin are of higher quality.

You can also note the modified instrument panel. For the driver's seat has become available additional adjustment - in height. The optional "winter package" includes heated windscreen, heated rear seats, additional heating of the passenger compartment, a larger battery and engine preheating.

The line of power units consists of two motors. The basic engine for UAZ Patriot is a 2.7-liter petrol unit ZMZ-40905 with a capacity of 128 hp. (210 Nm at 2 500 rpm), and the alternative is 140-hp (270 Nm in the range from 1 800 to 2 800 r / min) ZMZ-51432 diesel with Bosch Common Rail injection system with a working volume of 2.3 liters.

Both engines are paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox, providing a four-wheel drive SUV with a maximum speed of 150 km / h (the diesel version develops 135 kilometers per hour). Fuel consumption in the mode of the route is declared within 11.5 liters for the gasoline and 9.5 liters for the diesel modification.

Of the major updates of other technical units worth noting rear propeller shaft with crosspieces and anti-roll bar. In addition, in the top trim levels, a more sophisticated four-channel anti-lock system came to replace the outdated ABS from Bosch.

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