Uaz 3160

The UAZ 3160 (Simbir) model is a four-wheel-drive utility vehicle, which was first introduced by the Russian car company UAZ in 1998.

Oise 3160 full version, city

Its main purpose was to transport people and goods on various types of roads and off-road, but at the same time, unlike its counterparts, it had a fairly high level of comfort. The body of the SUV was a 5-door all-metal type station wagon. It is worth noting the high-quality color of the car body, along with such advantages as the sunroof, modern lighting, protective arcs (kengurin), thresholds, radial tires and excellent visibility.

For the UAZ 3160 car, the manufacturer offered several options for power units: a UMZ-421.10 carburetor engine with a volume of 2.9 liters, whose power was 115 hp. (version UAZ 31601); ZMZ-4092.10 engine with a volume of 2.7 liters with a microprocessor-controlled fuel injection system, with a capacity of 132.6 hp (version UAZ 31602); 119 hp UMZ-4213.10 engine with a volume of 2.9 liters with a microprocessor-based fuel injection control system (version UAZ 31605); Italian diesel power unit manufactured by "VM Motori" with a volume of 2.5 liters and a power of 106 hp (version of the UAZ 31604). As for the transmission, all versions of the car were equipped with a five-speed synchronized gearbox and an upgraded 2-speed transfer case, which provided for shifting gears and engaging the front axle with a single control lever.

The front suspension of the UAZ 3160 SUV was spring-loaded with a stabilizer bar, and the rear one was based on low-leaf springs. This combination provided a comfortable movement on paved roads. The brake system included front disc and rear drum brakes.

Salon UAZ 3160 has a high level of comfort, which can accommodate seven passengers. To do this, there are five comfortable adjustable seats with headrests and two folding seats in the cargo hold. The rear seats, like the front ones, were equipped with inertia-type seat belts.

UAZ 3160 is short

In addition to comfort, the interior was also universal. Both seats in the cargo compartment are easily dismantled when you need to transport goods. The rear triple seat, with a folding back split into two parts, has the ability to fold to increase the load area. Together with this, the back seat together with the front seats can be turned into a sleeping version. The car body has good sound insulation, and is also equipped with a ventilation and heating system with air ducts to the legs of the rear passengers. The car also received a modern dashboard, full upholstery of the entire cabin, an adjustable tilt steering column.

Production of the UAZ 3160 Simbir model was discontinued in 2003. Note that in 2000 a version very similar to the Simbir was released, with an increased by 360 mm wheelbase called UAZ 3162. Its release continued until 2005, when the new model replaced the UAZ 3163 Patriot.

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