Uaz 3159

UAZ 3159 Bars

The UAZ 3159 Bars model is a 5-door utility vehicle, which was introduced by the Russian automobile company UAZ at the end of 1999. This SUV was designed on the basis of the UAZ 3153 model, but had some changes that made it possible to increase its throughput and stability, namely, the track was increased (1600 mm) and a higher fit (ground clearance was 300 mm). The wheelbase of the car is 2760 mm, length - 4550 mm, width - 1962 mm, and height 2100 mm. For this, gear bridges were shifted. It is worth noting that for the first time they were combined with the front spring and rear low leaf spring pendants. Also, the car has good handling and smoothness, both on ordinary roads and when driving off-road.

UAZ 3159 is equipped with a ball-type trailer device, a hydrocorrection headlights, modified wings and sidewalls under a wide rut. It should be noted, and quite a pretty appearance. The manufacturer also offers equipment with aluminum rims, imported tires and even tinted glass, which will give the car an even more stylish look.

Under the hood of the car UAZ 3159 a 16-valve 4-cylinder two-camshaft engine ZMZ-409 is installed longitudinally with a cast-iron cylinder block and a 2.7 liter electronic fuel injection. The power of this motor is 133 hp. at 4400 rpm. As an option, a preheater with autonomous programmed control can be installed, which allows you to start up without any problems in frosty weather. The power unit is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. As befits the Bars SUV has all-wheel drive. The maximum speed of the UAZ 3159 is 140 km / h, and acceleration to 100 km / h takes 21.5 seconds. The braking system of the car here includes the front and rear drum brakes, which is quite common for UAZ cars.

Modified UAZ 3159 Leopard (Review from Sergey Bogachev)

The car's interior has been thoroughly revised. The nine-seat salon is equipped with a radio and a speaker system. Also, to improve the ventilation of the cabin appeared sliding glass with locks in the doors and sunroof. There was a new pretty nice upholstery for the seats and the passenger compartment, as well as the rear triple seat became more comfortable compared to the UAZ 3153. The insulation of the passenger compartment was improved by using new materials and double door sealing, which also had a positive effect on thermal insulation. The rear door is equipped with a wiper and washer, and the spare wheel is mounted on the door itself.

The car turned out to be quite stylish, practical and comfortable, which is perfect for both everyday trips and for nature trips. Fuel consumption in the city is 16.4 liters (93 petrol).

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