Uaz 3153

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The UAZ 3153 model is an off-road utility vehicle (SUV), which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company UAZ (Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant) at the end of 1996. This version was designed on the basis of the UAZ 31514 model, but it has a wheelbase extended by 380 mm, which was 2760 mm, the length of the car is 4514 mm, width is 2010 mm, and height is 2025 mm. A long all-metal 5-door SUV body allowed to place inside nine seats, which makes it quite practical. Note that the UAZ ATVs are fairly simple and relatively cheap to maintain, and that most of the units are designed for repair in field conditions. Also noteworthy is the fact that the car is designed to operate at temperatures from minus 45 to plus 40 degrees (according to the manufacturer) and at the same time has the ability to move not only on all types of roads, but also on the road.

The appearance of the SUV was somewhat improved through the use of front and rear bumpers made of plastic (previously used a small metal bumper), and front protective arcs (kengurin). Also, at the request of the buyer, the car can be equipped with a plastic panel on top of the grille, plastic door sills, fenders, sunroof, and headlamp cleaners. It is worth noting that the wipers in this model are located at the bottom. Improved insulation and cabin. Special K-135 tires with a universal tread pattern are also offered for the car, which are more comfortable when driving on ordinary roads, but are completely inappropriate for off-road use. The dimension of tires that fit on 16-inch wheels is 225 / 75R16c.

The UAZ 3153 is equipped with a UMZ-4218 carburetor four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.9 liters and a capacity of 98 hp. As for the transmission, a 4-speed manual gearbox and a two-speed transfer case are fitted as standard. As an option, the manufacturer offers the installation of a new 5-speed gearbox and rear cardan transmission with intermediate support. The front suspension of the car is spring-loaded, while the rear suspension is reinforced on low-sheet supports, which, unlike the usual one (like the model 31514), has four sheets instead of three. Due to this combination provides an additional smoothness of the SUV. Brake system - drum. Standard braking force control is also included.

The car's interior was quite comfortable, in contrast to the harsh salons of similar models. Inside, there was a new plastic lining of the instrument panel, front seats with improved adjustments and developed backs. For the second row of seats are installed seat belts. Also, armrests appeared at the doors, as well as special heat-proof mats, which were fastened with plastic clips and contributed to additional noise insulation.

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