Uaz 3151

Oise 3151 aka Oise 469 and Hunter.

The UAZ 3151 model is a four-wheel drive cargo-passenger vehicle, which was first introduced along with the model 31512 (designed on the basis of the 3151) by the Russian automobile plant UAZ in May 1985. The first versions of these models were named 3151-01 and 31512-01 and replaced the previously produced cars (from 1972 to 1985) UAZ 469B and 469, which were equipped with a UMZ-451M engine with 75 hp. The new models were equipped with an 80 hp UMZ-414 engine. Both models had 4-door metal bodies with a soft removable awning and a tailgate. Later, the UMZ-417 engine with a power of 90 hp received off-road vehicles. The main distinguishing feature of the model 3151 from 31512 was some elements in its technical equipment, namely the presence of wheel gears, shielded electrical equipment and engine preheater in drive axles. Production of the UAZ 3151 was completed in October 2003, as the model was rather technically outdated and could not compete in the automotive market anymore. The old clutch design, 4-speed gearbox and too rigid bridge design no longer satisfied consumers, and the 3151 was replaced by the new Hunter UAZ Hunter model, which, it is worth noting, looks quite similar to its predecessor.

Currently, the UAZ-3151 is the only type of jeep-class car in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. There are several troop modifications of the vehicle, namely: a general-purpose vehicle, a command and staff vehicle, and a radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicle. Also, to perform various special tasks, the machine is equipped with additional equipment, for example, a road induction mine detector (in engineering troops) or a set of railway passages that allow the vehicle to move along a railway track with a track width of 1,520 mm or 1,435 mm.

The UAZ company also offers two models based on 3151: 31512 “Commander” (a passenger four-wheel drive automobile with a removable awning) and 31514 with a removable metal roof and a modified interior. There are also two versions of the UAZ 31512 model: 315123 and 315128. Their main difference is the installed engine. For the UAZ 315123, the Andoria 4CT90-1 engine with an output of 86 hp is offered, and for the UAZ 315128, the ZMZ-5143.10 engine is 92 hp. rest. Also, this model can be equipped with a front spring suspension or on small leaf springs, conventional or comfortable seats, as well as a variant with axles equipped with wheel reduction gears, the so-called "military" (UAZ 31512-031).

The history of the creation of the UAZ - 469 (UAZ - 3151) - the famous car - SUV.

As for the model UAZ 31514 (31519), it has adjustable comfortable seats, soft upholstery, decorative trim, an ELMO front-wheel clutch and protective arches (kengurin) as standard. In fact, this is a more comfortable model compared to 31512. Of course, the main difference, as mentioned earlier, is a metal removable top. There is also a "super-luxury" equipment model under the marking 31519-080, which includes a ventilating hatch, a radio tape recorder with a speaker system. Differences between the 31514 and 31519 families are also in the engines. UAZ 31514 cars are equipped with a 2.5-liter engine either from Zavolzhsky (ZMZ-402) or Ulyanovsk (UMP-4178) engine factory with a power of 92 hp. hp

On all models installed 4-speed manual gearbox and 2-speed transfer case.

It is worth noting one historical record, which belongs to the first model of this series - UAZ 469. In 1974, this car managed to climb to the top of Elbrus (4000 m) in just 25 minutes, taking into account the stops. And only in 1997, Land Rover decided to climb the same peak.

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